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  • sdavila511 - Awesome cover!When I looked at this originally, I instantly wanted it since I was in need of a new case. Said it would take 4-14 business days but it got here in 2 days!! Great cover, fits perfectly for 13inch macbook pro and the keyboard silicone cover is great as well. Definitely recommend this for a friend or anyone with a Macbook Pro.
  • Monterrey girl - Cystic acne problem solved!I have had cystic acne for 15 years now and as anyone knows, this is so hard on your confidence. I sometimes counted eight ot ten deep acne lesions at times the size of a marble. I felt like a monster two out of four weeks of the month. I was at the point where my dermatologist had come to offering me an extremely aggressive oral medication that required getting my blood checked once a month to make sure my body was metabolizing it correctly. This was scary and obviously for me...a health nut...NOT an option. I was at the mall one day and I decided to try the system but was not willing to spend good money on a scam. I just bought the repairing treatment and Figured that if it helped, I would buy the whole system. I knew I was lazy a lot about washing my face at night, so I bought Facial cleansing wipes (Philosophy Purity) as well. I am ecstatic with the results. Since my skin dries out easily, all I did was wash or wipe off my makeup at night and apply the Proactive repairing treatment on my problem areas and call it a night. When my skin felt too scaly, I would wait until the next evening to reapply the treatment and almost immediately I saw results. I cannot believe that I hardly remember now how I used to look and feel. I am soooooooo happy now, my skin looks awesome and I feel so blessed to have finally overcome this problem. I think mostly the complaint on Proactive is that it dries out your skin so just using the repairing treatment is perfect in these cases. Then, NOTHING will replace washing or at least cleansing with a fragrance free wipe. In the morning, I moisturize with Clinique dramatically different lotion and that is all. I urge anyone who has the tendency to dry up to just purchase this one product and together with a fragrance free facial wash or wipe at night...expect awesome results!!!!
  • Anonymous "LL" - Easy setup, lots of channel choicesGot a Roku 3. I don't have previous versions to compare to but it was very easy to set up. I was worried about connecting it to my existing wireless network but the Roku basically walked me through the setup and I was up and running, including taking it out of the box, in minutes.

    I was a little nervous about having to supply a credit card during setup, but it appears that is only used if you choose later on to buy paid services.

    Even without any paid services, there are lots of channels to choose from. I'm still working my way through all of them, but there is a very good diversity of choice. Now that we have a Roku, we are considering scaling back our cable. If we do so, I'll post back.