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Innovative Medical Device Packaging and Healthcare Packaging | Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging - Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging provides innovative medical & pharmaceutical packaging; packaging, testing, validation; heat activated adhesives for medical & pharmaceutical packaging; self-seal clear pouches, peelable pouches; medical packaging film; and sterile barrier packaging materials to medical device & pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.


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  • eBookworm - Use with Banana 1.0I heard they were using this cutting edge slicer as a template to grow the perfect Bananas in China. Someone recently leaked pilot pictures of banana 1.0 -- honestly, I was skeptical, however, imagine my joy on finding the shape of banana 1.0 when juxtaposed with Hutzler 571 matched to the last curved mm AND this banana claims to have skin markings that exactly coincide with the lines on this incredible slicer! No more guessing how and where to place the slicer on the banana!! You can be sure I'll be first in line at the grocery store when banana 1.0 is released. Banana Nirvana...
  • Ms Winston - Excellent Tool for Life EventsA few years ago I paid an attorney almost $400.00 to draft my will. Recently, I decided I wanted to make some minor changes and discovered that it would cost me at least $150.00 in fees to do so. WillMaker Plus was the answer! The software was easy to load, I found the instructions to be very easy, and the 2013 version had the updated information for my state. In addition,I could take my time to do medical directives, instead of feeling pressured to make quick decisions prior to surgery, which happened to me earlier this year. There is also access to setting up a living trust, which normally entails an additional cost. I find this entire process to be easy and painless. If you have a pretty straight-forward will, the obvious cost savings in purchasing Willmaker Plus over seeing an attorney will soon become obvious -- I highly recommend the package.
  • Tyler - A Call to a Radical LifestyleThe first time I can remember hearing about this book was at a conference over the summer that I attended to in West Virginia. I was with my pastor and some of my friends and we were browsing the Family Christian store. There it was on the shelf, probably the most challenging book I have ever read, Radical. Now don't get me wrong challenging doesn't mean bad. As of matter of fact, I like a challenge, especially if it pertains to my walk with Christ.

    If you are a person who also likes I challenge, I definitely recommend this book to you. From the very beginning of the book, David Platt lays the groundwork that encourages the American church to turn away from the insipid lifestyle we have settled for. It calls for RADICAL acts of faith including, but not limited to, relying fully on God's power and taking the Gospel globally. He also stresses that the radical lifestyle he speaks of in the book is NOT optional, it is necessary and urgent! To top it all off he gives a challenge to the reader that includes prayer, reading the Word, sacrificing your money, and more. If you enjoy a challenging word that has the potential to transform you, I would definitely recommend this book to you. It is definitely not a book you just read, think about, and lay back on the shelf. We can read any amount of books like this one, but they do us no good until we actually put what they talk about into action.

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