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  • N. Zwicker "Neil G." - Use your imagination...I like this product. In fact, I liked it so much I bought 2 more, 2.6 lb containers after I finished my first. If you use a little imagination you can make it taste quite good. I don't know what these negative reviewers are talking about. It doesn't even have 33 grams of sugar per serving as one of those reviers said, 33 grams is the protein content. (It's only got 21 grams of sugar)

    I mixed it in my blender with mango/orange juice, a little Dole, pina colada juice, frozen strawberries and a little strawberry, muscle milk protein powder. It tasted GREAT!!!

    If you're trying to lose weight and can't use juice with this product you can use water, skim milk, plain, soy milk and a little bit of stevia powder to sweeten it. You could even add it to slim/fast powder and it would be terrific! Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!!!
  • Jessi - One of the best books on health-promoting nutrition I've readI stumbled upon the Body Ecology Diet (BED) while on my quest to improve my immune system, gut health and nutrient absorption, solve my food allergies as well as get off of acid reducing prescription medications for long-term GERD. I sat down in the the book section of a local kitchen store and browsed the book for a good 30 minutes. At first what appealed to me was the strong emphasis on a vegetables and compatibility with my already gluten-free vegan diet. Flipping though I had so many "ah-ha!" moments I knew I needed to give this a try. I purchased the book and began reading it thoroughly right away. Although the book says to read it all the way through before starting the program I did eliminate sugars/soy and added daily fermented foods right away as I read it the first time. I immediately (within a day or two or three) felt different, better! And I made a bold decision to skip my prescription doses, something I've never been able to do for more than a day or two without feeling miserable. Much to my amazement and surprise I didn't need a dose after 3 days, then a week, then a month! I have always had a bad sweet tooth but giving up sugar has been really easy with the BED. Some of my favorite parts of the BED are the acid/alkaline and the 80/20 principles. As well as the emphasis on organic and info on food combining, blood type, expansion/contraction, and especially the principle of uniqueness, this program is truly adaptable to anyone in my opinion. I am very happy with how the Body Ecology Diet is going for me and I still have more to learn and change.