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New York Medical College - New York Medical College, one of the nation's largest private health sciences universities, is located in Westchester County, New York, in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of New York State. The university's Valhalla campus is just 30 minutes north of New York City.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 10595 Valhalla, New York

  • sarah - couldn't put it downThis was a great story. The writer does a great job at making the reader feel as if she is with the main character through her ordeal. The emotions and actions of the character were believable. There were some unexpected twists in the story that were suprising. I was a little disappointed in the ending but ioverall a Great Read!
  • Kat - Immediate Relief Within 200 Page Easy Read!!After doing nearly two years of research on my Fiancé's 'condition', I became convinced he had Crohns Disease. He had been hospitalized early last year for a fistula and released, without a diagnosis or any direction as to preventing another. I received instructions as to his dressing changes, but I was concerned about how to avoid another hospital stay. I found information online that described Crohns and the various drug and surgery treatments, all stating there was not a 'cure' for this disease. -Until I came across this book! This book outlines Crohns, Autism, neuro issues, all in a very easy to read, without being condescending way. The best part is after you understand the origin of each issue, you are given a step by step method of CURING it! From the first day I rec'd the book, I began fixing the recommended foods for my Fiancé and he has started to feel better! Now two weeks in my possession, he is starting to look better! He hasn't any complaints of indigestion or mouth sores. He can confidently enjoy a meal without the concern of what may follow and his energy levels are starting to return! The guidence is clear and the recipes easy to follow, this book makes what Dr.s haven't been able to figure out, almost easy. I am so grateful that a bit of a dietary adjustment and creativity has had such high dividends. If you have any health issues, I recommend picking this book up. -You'd be surprised just how much effect what you eat has on how you feel. I have to admit, even I feel better!
  • Keith B. Bishop "Keith" - Best Tax SoftwareThere is not much to say other than this is the best tax preparation software available. I am a CPA in private practice, after 10 years in public practice, and have been using this product for over 17 years now. I do about 15-20 returns per year for close friends and family, many with complicated tax issues. It is easy to use for both the experienced preparer and the novice user. I personally buy the Home and Business edition because it has many forms I use at work.
  • GF Seattleite - First calendar ever with big-enough squaresFolds out to about 14" wide by 24" long. Matte paper that erases well. Love the extra squares for Projects, Family Tasks and Reminders, and "Don't Forget..." lists. Dinner plans can be written in the shaded rectangle at the bottom of the square for each day. Up until now I've had a separate pad for weekly dinner menus, but now I don't need it!