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  • Eileen Eulick "CJ Go COCKS" - Just the Tip!I used my gf's Bananza Banana Slicer for the first time the other day. She was super worried because she has never let anyone near hers before. I expressed my desire for a clean cut banana and told her i would put in just the tip at first to ensure that I was doing it right. Before I knew it I was going to town with this thing. Great Product!!

    P.S. You may feel dirty after using it if you swore to never use a Bananza Banana slicer before you got one as a wedding gift..
  • S. Walker "Wicked Walker Reviews" - Perfect tablet for my needsI wanted a bigger ereader than my Nook Color so I decided to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 after tons of research of reading reviews and specifications (I am a nerd like that). The Galaxy Tab 2 has met everything in my expectations! It is smooth to use with bright vivid colors on the screen. I am newish to Android (was an Apple girl until a couple of months ago)but I really love the freedom that Android gives you. The screen on this tablet is plenty big...perfect for reading, games, movies etc. I have zero complaints and it pairs nicely with my new Galaxy S4 phone...they can wfi direct and send files back and forth.
  • 24/7 Mom - Deluxe Coziness! (However, Product Features are listed wrong)Super soft, nice and large. Gentle, safe heat, but if you want a more intense heat transfer, the moist option would probably provide this. I almost didn't buy this, because the Product Features section has a typo: "9 inches long cord". It is more like 9 feet long! (Some products try to save on costs by using short cords, forcing you to invest in a tangle of extension cords.) The Product Features also list a "strong velcro closure", which does not exist on this product. The pad is so large and cozy, I don't think it needs a velcro closure, so I am giving it 5 stars anyway, but the seller should correct the product description. I like the choice of selecting either continuously on or auto-off after 2 hours, just in case I fall asleep while using the pad.