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  • run1969 - This system really works!I am 43 years old and still struggle with mild acne. I have tried just about every product on the market with no success. I can honestly tell you that this system works great for me. I use the system twice a day as instructed and my skin has never been more under control. Even if you do get a pimple, they are always small and go away quickly. My skin is not over dry and I love the products. Highly recommend this skin care line.
  • T. Harris "wanderingtaoist" - This stuff works!After a full contact fight and a broken nose I was prescribed a medication for infection which obliterated the bacteria in my system. What followed was intense yeast problems. I tried bottles of acidophilus milk and tons of yogurt but that didn't work. Even Nystatin didn't work. I had resigned myself to just living with it when I came across Threelac on a website. After finding it on amazon I decided to try the Fivelac.

    Though it took the entire box, it worked when nothing else would. For the first three weeks there was very little change, but after the month was over all my yeast problems were gone. My only advice is drink a full glass (8-16 oz) of water after it. If the yeast is really really resilient you may have to try two boxes. But if you have no adverse effects to this product I highly, highly recommend it.
  • Jerry Saperstein - King of the mountain - if you're on the mountainBack about a million years ago, when I operated businesses with around 50 employees and hundreds of products. I would have drooled over a product as capable as QuickBooks at this low a price. I bought an IBM System 36 for more than a hundred thousand 1980s dollars and spent tens of thousands more on accounting software that didn't hold a candle to QuickBooks Premier. Heck, my super-expensive software wouldn't even do payroll: had to use an outside service for that.

    Today I operate as a one-man consultancy. I have no products to inventory, no employees to account for: I have none of the problems and challenges QuickBooks was made to address.

    Frankly, I'm sorry that I don't. I'm a data junky and I love all the reports QuickBooks can produce. But for my little business, the simple Schedule C produced by Intuit's junior product, Quicken Home & Business does just fine.

    Because my work as a forensics expert requires that I know about many, many aspects of technology, I do a lot of product testing, including in this instance, QuickBooks. Installation is straight-forward. But the learning curve is steep. Fortunately there are many books, videos, trainers, articles and consultants to help you find your way.

    Overall, QuickBooks has developed a massive franchise because it works. It may not be without problems, but it works and is a far better value than the software that coast me tens of thousands of dollars to do less years back.