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  • M. Barker "God bless us all" - we love this cupcake bookMy husband and I love this cupcake book so much that we have bought it numerous time to give to our grown up children so that they can have the fun of making spectacularly whimsical cupcakes for their friends and children. The recipes for muffins and cakes are great. Every year wilton updates the creative aspects of a cake form and this one is just spectacular. The designs are doable by those with almost no coordination or cake decorating experience. The key is always to make your own frosting so it is thick enought to hold shapes, or add a LOT of powdered sugar to commercial frostings to thicken them. Anyway, there are literally 150 full color cupcakes. There are your hilarious farm animals, awesome swimmers for whom the cupcakes are inflatable innertubes, wedding cupcakes, floral, clowns, fruits, bunnies, seasonal and more. You will need to get some tips you may not normally have, but the ones you need are in the directions. I highly recommend the 24 cupcake stand Wilton makes for displaying your cupcakes. I use a 3 tiered dessert rack that is also a carousel that spins because I already have it for cakes. But there are some beautiful cupcakes that look awesome displayed on the top of any stemed goblet that has been turned upside down so the base become a litte table for the cupcake. The angel, penguin, and Christmas themes are just adorable, but there are sophisticate cupcakes too. If you buy the silicon cupcake holders you will be thrilled. Thoughful almost effortless fun for a loved ones special occassion.
  • David L. Smith - The One Minute CureThis is a book everyone that likes living in good health needs to read. This could be the difference in Life and Death for you. If you are tired of the poor treatment you are receiving from your doctors then read this book. It seems that all our doctors know to do is have you placed on another medication of some kind. The side effects of the medicines we receive (for our Health) is enough to kill you many times Get to know what H2O2 can do for you. As usual when I heard about "The One Minute Cure" I went to amazon and read some reviews and bought my book. If you enjoy good health, you need to read this book. This is made up of the elements God gave us for healing.

    David Smith
  • Tim Romero - Great read if you love ChristmasI really enjoyed this book as it accurately displays the war that is being aggressively waged on all things Christian. I was also encouraged that we as believers have to stand strongly against the minority opposition that exists in America today. Thanks Governor, I really liked your fond memories of Christmas past and I am sure I have used most of your cliches/advice with my kids also. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
  • bmwv10 - IT ACTUALLY WORKSI am a female but I usually sweat a lot. Only my armpits tho. I get nervous and anxious very often so it causes me to sweat even more. I've been trying to stop sweating for a while now and nothing worked. I was already decided to get a botox in my armpits but after reading the side effects I decided not to. Sweat block doesnt have any side effects. So I ordered it cus I wanted to try it out but I didnt really believe it's gonna help me. After first time use it start working and my sweating reduced 50%. Of course I use another deodorant as well for the outdoor smell. But after using Sweat block my armpits are dry most of the time. Of course it's not a botox, it can't completely stop sweating , i still do sweat if its really hot in the car, but it definitely reduces it at least 50%. Also after I apply the product, my armpits itch and burn a little, but then again I fall a sleep and dont really feel it. It's worth it tho. You get to stop sweaty armpits, so might as well suffer a little itch.
  • Junebug - This book can change your lifeMy chiropractor recommended this book and he uses her techniques personally. Ms. Gokhale understands the physics of the human structure and has written a very visual, step by step book to help us learn how to incorporate these techniques. Just the testimonials in the book will persuade you to give it a try.