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  • Todd A. Smith "wellsuited" - Works like it should.Easy to install and use. I've purchased and used McAfee Total Protection for the last 4 years and found it to do just what it says it will do... keep my computers from being infected by viruses.

    One tip though... DON'T set your subscription to auto-renew or you'll pay $40-$50 more than just buying it again from Amazon (or your local computer store).
  • Lisa M. Busch - First thing to work in 20 yearsI have chronic BV, have had it since puberty when it was misdiagnosed as a yeast infection. After years of trying everything from Metrogel (antibiotic, gave me one month relief, then rebounded the next month, and expensive,and occasionally resulted in a rebound yeast infection) and Cleocin, to boric acid douches, my doctor recommended I try this, and after the first dose, I was amazed. The discharge was gone! But having read the directions I saw that it would require repeating every 3-4 days, and sure enough, 4 days later my discharge was back, so I re-treated, and had immediate relief. The few bits of stuff that is expressed generally comes out when I go to the bathroom, unlike my copious discharge that came out whenever, necessitating pantiliners much for the time. For me, VERY worth the $20/month locally, or much more affordable here on It would be nice if it was a more permanent treatment, but for me, so worth it...I can wear a bathing suit again without worrying about wetting it with discharge, not to mention the odor.
  • Judy Troy - Excellent, for Readers and Writers and TeachersThis anthology does the work for you, and, if you're a teacher, for your students as well. Laura Furman, a fine writer herself, chooses the best of the best. As a reader and teacher, I have relied on The PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories for twenty years. As a writer, I was lucky enough to have been included in one. If anything feels better than to be valued by your peers, I haven't found it yet.

    This is the only anthology for which an editor reads EVERY published story.
    Democracy in action! You'll discover writers you wouldn't have known about otherwise. This anthology is only about the writing. It's a breath of freedom.