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  • dersepp - Sends Trust Fund Cry-Babies and Spoiled Brats Back to MommyWhen using Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray, you'll feel like the whole capitalist world is watching, on your side, and cheering you on while you rid your jurisdiction of your unlawful, dirty, and smelly pest problems.

    Before you know it, no more Panic in Needle Park activity in your town square, business district, or university quad. Does wonders for all the rape, assaults, drug trafficking, and even the misdemeanor petty crimes that seems associated with the occupation movement and scurrying around of such pests. Voila, you will have no more broken windows, litter, indiscriminant urination, and piles of feces that this nasty little sub-species just always leaves behind. Makes the creepy varmints want to keep their clothes on, with public nudity and sex cut back to almost nil. This "Wonder Spray" removes that pervading "burning rope" smell, too!

    When purchasing for my town's vector program, we buy here on by the pallet, and the wonder that is the world's most efficient system and consumer society delivers it cheaply to our facility in whatever shipping method we happen to choose.

    We do not exactly know or care what happens to these spoiled Trust Fund Cry-Babies and Spoiled Brats, but we are just so happy they become somebody else's problem. We are researching and studying things, and we happen to believe the treatment of using Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray will be the first step in helping these pests to change their mode from "acting out" and into becoming productive and fruitful members of our society, instead of remaining a bunch of belly-aching, crying, and stinky little twenty and thirty-something freaks. Combined with a regimine of an occasional swift-kick-in-the-ass from a 270 pound cop with a truncheon, your pest problems are gone!!

    Be sure to try Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray today!

    You`ll be glad you did!

    Ancillary Products: Be sure to see the selection of Amazon books dedicated to showing your local mayor how to grow a pair of balls and display a modicum of political will.
  • Susan M wagner - Buy this for a great Christmas gift!I finally decided to try a tablet and what a great one this is. I had used a friends ipod mini and this rates right up there with it. I have already downloaded some books from amazon and it amazing how easy it was. I have only had it a few days and have found it pretty easy to navigate. I didn't get a manual for this so I have learned alot from just playing around with it. Amazon has a Website that explains some of it's features, like how to plug in and turn on. It is slim and very light weight, easy to put in your purse and great to have when wating for appointments or traveling.
  • Sacha Potter - Great Product For Netflix / Amazon Prime ServicesI recently moved and decided to ditch cable in the process. I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime and wanted a way to use these services without plugging in my laptop into the TV every time. (My Samsung TV does have Wifi but the built-in SmartHub is crap, very unreliable, ugly, and awkward to use.)

    Naturally, I was deciding between a Roku and an AppleTV. I felt the Roku offered a few more channels but the deal breaker for me was the ability to plug in a harddrive via USB and watch media files.

    I've been using the Roku for about a month so far and these are my impressions:

    -Snappy performance
    -Decent amount of channels available (some free, some paid/subscription based)
    -Good video and sound quality
    -Attractive, easy to use interface
    -Remote allows you to use headphones while watching TV (nice if someone else in the room is working, sleeping, etc.)
    -USB port allows playback from a harddrive or flashdrive
    -Ethernet port allows for a reliable, wired connection (Wi-Fi works well too)
    -Unit is compact and discrete

    -Unit regularly freezes during video playback from a USB source (could be an issue with my drive I suppose)

    -Not surprisingly, the remote uses batteries quickly when you use the headphones. Maybe invest in some rechargeables.
    -The ability to play more file types would be nice
    -Hopefully a YouTube channel is coming soon
    -I would love Roku to develop a screen mirroring app for computers/mobile devices (The reason I even considered an AppleTV)

    Overall I am happy with the Roku. It doesn't completely replace cable because a lot of channels (HBO Go, ESPN, etc.) require an existing cable subscription or a subscription fee. What this does do is allow you to transition away from cable to online only content.

    I hope they continue adding channels and getting some of the freezing issues worked out. The only real advantage of the AppleTV in my opinion is the ability to mirror your screen to your TV through Airplay and the iTunes integration. If you like Apple products or have a lot invested in the Apple system then an AppleTV may be the better choice.

    I recommend the Roku wholeheartedly but don't expect to browse hundreds of big name channels like you can with cable. Also, don't expect to watch Netflix/Hulu/HBO for free. What this device does do is allow you to access those services from your couch...and I think it does a pretty darn good job.
  • LK "Lilli" - My favorite Disney guidebookBirnbaum's a great summary Disney book that gives you the lay of the land without being so incredibly detailed that it overwhelms you . Great for a first-time visitor, and even those of us who have been several times but just need a refresher every few years. I have owed many versions of Birnbaum's over the years, and it's my favorite and the one I recommend to others.
  • steve berntson - Honest and incisiveWesley Hill is a gifted theologian who has embraced a difficult path for the sake of his call. In an age when many theologians "revise" Biblical teaching to accommodate contemporary culture, Wesley is faithful to the text of the Bible and is walking in obedience, even when that means living with longings that will not be met this side of heaven. Wesley is to be commended for his honesty and transparency. An excellent book, not only for those struggling with homosexuality, but for all who are seeking a deeper understanding of our human condition and God's grace.