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  • 610Gemini - WOW, DO NOT PAY FOR LASER CENTERS, GET THIS INSTEAD!I paid $7,500 for a package at a laser center about 5 years ago and I have not even went 10 times since I got it because I hated everything about going from a stranger seeing me nude to the unbearable pain and extreme cold in the rooms. They have so many rules now if you miss so many appointments they won't make appointments for you anymore even though I paid in full for the package which is bull and a huge rip off. I got this and I saw results I kid you not, from the first use on my face and neck, WOW. I used to shave my face and neck every day and half but now it's every 4 to 5 days and it's only the cycling hairs which means there's definitely results. Pain levels are okay and of course you can adjust it how you like. I didn't buy the goggles and I don't see a need for them but everybody has their own preference. I let my sister and 2 friends use it but they have to buy their own heads because they're not using the zaps on my head lol. Best investment and I did a lot of research before I bought it and this beats the other machines out there for hair removal, you do the comparisons yourself and you'll agree only if you want to use it on your face but if you're not doing your face then you can consider the other two competitors, sorry I forgot what they are called lol. Of course, do not get this if your skin is darker because it won't even turn on to zap, it tests your skin color first to make sure it works for you so it make sure it's for your skin type or else it won't work or you'll burn your skin badly. I love it and very proud of myself for making this purchase :)
  • Trevor A Knight - Very interesting bookIt's made for people in third-world settings without close access to medical treatment but the book is an interesting reference/education about the most common health conditions anywhere.