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  • Bingo-Karen Haney "Reader, Reviewer, and BOOK... - THE TESTING Should Get Ten Stars!Joelle Charbonneau is an author known for her enjoyable "Cozy Mysteries", many that I have reviewed, but she has now come out with a trilogy and THE TESTING is the first installment. It is supposedly geared toward teens and young adults, but my bet is it will sell like wildfire to everyone once the word gets out. I LOVED this book and now can not wait for the next episode, INDEPENDENT STUDY, which is set for January, 2014. THE TESTING has been compared to THE HUNGER GAMES and indeed it started out resembling it as I first began reading. I wondered if the two stories would be too similar for me to enjoy THE TESTING but I quickly saw that would definitely not be the case. As I immediately got caught up in the remarkably well developed characters and their own unique story, I could NOT put this book down!

    In this intense psychological thriller, Joelle Charbonneau has set THE TESTING in our future where Earth has been decimated by the "Seven Stages War". The population is suffering physically as well as emotionally. Major necessities, from food and water, to transportation and fuel, are hard to come by. Yet, with all of this despair, for some, there is still a profound sense of hope in others.

    The protagonist, Malencia "Cia" Vale, is 16 and remains optimistic as she hangs her hopes on the "Testing" which is coming up. Cia believes that if she is selected to take part in this, her dream of changing things for her family and others could be realized. The Testing will help choose the best students for University, and from there, the future leaders of the United Commonwealth will be confirmed. However, there is so much more to this then meets Cia's idealistic eyes. When several are chosen from her district, she receives some unsettling advice from her father who knew a great deal about the workings of The Testing. As the young characters begin to interact, including Tomas who becomes Cia's companion and love interest, they start to realize that all is not what it seems. Cia finds things to be much different from her initial nave perceptions.

    The likelihood that the initial testing can actually determine a person's future and beliefs is exposed. Cia finds that everything she does is a test. She develops doubts about those close to her and even her own values. Charbonneau has written a thrilling narrative with so many twists and turns, you never will guess what is coming next. The ending brings readers to a point that they can physically close the book but not emotionally let go. I found myself wanting to be with others who had read THE TESTING so we could discuss it. What a fabulous book this will be for book clubs! Waiting for the next part of the trilogy is exciting but also agonizing. Joelle Charbonneau has given readers a real gift with this first part of her trilogy and I hope everyone will be as excited about THE TESTING as I am!
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