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  • T. Bowman "TaraFabo" - I'm NOT a new mom, and I love it!I wanted to add my review since so many reviews seem to be from first-time parents. I have an older edition so I can't speak to the latest material presented, although I will be getting this version soon.

    I am on my third son in five years. I'm exhausted and seem to be in a constant "new mom fog." This book has been such a great help in the middle of the night -- or day! It's easy to reference and has calm, clear advice. It's great to look in and say, "Oh, this is NORMAL!" and to also know when things aren't so normal.

    Dr. Brown practices here in my town and she was actually the first physician to examine my first son, since I saw another doctor in her practice. She is very much like her writing -- straightforward, smart, and knows her stuff.

    Every new and not-so-new parent needs this book!
  • S. Mize - An Island in a Sea of Bad InformationWhen we found out my wife was expecting, I went online and tried to get some answers to some very basic questions -- what should or shouldn't she eat, what activities should be plan or avoid, what tests should I ask about when we talk to the doctor.

    The problem I immediately ran into was a plethora of bad sources: mommy blogs, half-informed discussion boards posts, news articles with sensationalized headlines, busybodies pushing their own weird agendas for who knows what reason -- there's an astonishing pile of awful information out there. It was impossible to sort through all that noise to find good information.

    With all that noise, this book is a godsend for anyone who (like me) is looking for an actual breakdown of risks associated with various foods, activities and medical tests. The author picks apart the studies, looks at the numbers and breaks it down at the end of each section in an easy-to-remember summary. She lays out the risks in a way that allows intelligent decision-making -- if that's the sort of thing you're looking for, this is the source for you.

    A word about all the one-star reviews: These reviews are by and large the same nonsense I was trying to get away from when I bought this book. The entire point of this book is to lay out the data associated with the various things you might do when pregnant, from eating soft cheese to having the CVS test to having a glass of wine. This book doesn't advocate for anything except the notion that adults can and should be able to make informed decisions.
  • Charles C. "Cool C" - Best Use of Kinect for AdultsEvery year my wife and I have to get our physicals check and every year we hear the same stories. Excercise more and diet properly. That is always easier to say and to actually do it. Our lives are full of committements. Usually exercise is the last thing we want to commit to because we neither have the time (3 kids) nor the expense (no gym).

    So we stumbled upon this game at Microsoft Store and it was on sale for cheap. We snapped it up with some hesitation because it is Kinect after all. We were thinking of how good this going to be.

    We tried a few sessions and a few games and surprisingly loving it. It is divided into several sections and you can tailor to how intense you want to work out. If you are new and never actually been active working out, starting from beginning is best. The core exercise provides some basics and some tutorials on what to expect. I've seen a review that negatively think there are no tutorials, which I adamantly disagree. Before the session starts, the trainer provides a brief step of the routine. Any adults with proper mobility will have no trouble following it.

    Once you have all the basics on the targetted areas, go for the intense boot camp or the "own it" boxing. After a few sessions you can feel your heart pumping and your sweat starts pouring. Finally end your session either with some hip-hop or Yoga. After you done all the routines, go back to each one and try to nail 100% achievement.

    I intend to do a video of the game on my YouTube channel soon. Keep an evey for user name: EasyLife8888.

    This is the best Kinect game I've every bought. For the price of the game console and the game, you can have your own personal trainer right in your own living room.

    Finally, if my wife gives the stamp of approval, you know it is good.