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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • CDR Henry J. Parker USN (Ret) - Excellent Material, not for everyone, but stil a 5 star bookThe CIA World Factbook is NOT for everyone. Too many people end up buying this book just because they see the letters `CIA' on the front of the publication. And when they get it home they only discover that it is not the book that they thought it was. Hence you see people reviewing this book and giving the book a low grade of either 1 or 2 stars.

    But for serious students of events taking place world wide, this is a book that is an absolute necessity to have in your library. A definite 5 star book.

    The CIA just does not cover the globe with a army full of `spies.' The CIA was founded to replace the old OSS (Office of Strategic Services) that was during WWII a true spy organization. But after WWII the US government realized that they really didn't have a true appreciation of countries around the globe insofar as their origin, history, geography, recent changes (political, economic or military), current updates on the people themselves, government, transportation, and trans-national issues.

    This book is not for the average person, but more for a person who wants to keep up with the total update from the year before of what is really going on in countries around the globe, both friendly nations, and not so friendly nations.

    It does not cover sports, or developments in science, Personalities, the Arts and Media. It does not go into giving the reader a list of past Presidents, Prime Ministers, and current State Capitols, etc., but keeps the reader up to day on changes in countries, and areas of the globe that affect not only that particular country, but the USA as well.

    If this country had to go to war with any country on the globe, then this book would be the very first one that the heads of the military would pick up. This book, had it been around in 1939, for instance, would have given the leaders of the US a far better picture of conditions in every country that, either might become a battleground, or did become one.

    For a retired military intelligence officer like myself, this book has global significance that I, and my colleagues still on active duty need to know, and at a moments notice. The information published in this book comes directly from the CIA, but don't forget that these facts are only those facts that are already in the public domain, and the contents of this book contains information that has been de-classified, but many, far too many people wouldn't know where to look to get these facts. Well the CIA has done just that.

    If the golf courses were all closed in one country during a weekend, and the men didn't have anything better to do than to invade the country next door to gain control of, not only that country, but their golf courses, then this would be the book that they would pick up to get a complete overall picture of the country whose golf courses they wish to conquer.

    As I said this book is not for everyone, but for those who want a true global perspective on every country and region in the world, they this book is for them.

    Again 5 stars because of it's detailed contents.
  • jwayne - Tiny. Consistent. Quality.These days Apple is losing the excitement factor over the Android phones and tablets that are fancier and come in enough shapes and sizes to suit your taste. I, myself, have tried the Android phones and tablets but have come back to Apple for two main reasons: Consistency and Quality,
    I have always wanted an iPad but the cumbersome and awkward size was always the turn off to me. I wanted something easy to carry and put away; the iPad just seemed a bit too large. I eventually gave in to an Android tablet and Enjoyed it to an extent but it became clunky and cluttered. The quality felt a bit too plasticky as well.
    Then Apple announced the iPad Mini and I was ready to give it a try. THIS DEVICE ROCKS! I cannot say enough good things about it; it's the quality hardware and software Apple is known for. I can always count on my iPad Mini to work and do so like it did the first time, never slowing down.
    So... If you are in the market for a small tablet and don't mind paying the premium I highly recommend the iPad Mini. Sure, it's a bit more expensive but if you have it know you are paying for a slick device that won't turn into a frustrating paper weight next year. :)
  • Student2012 - This is Great!I was a PC person and did not want to take the time to learn a new program, so I bought this hoping it resembled Office for PC. It does. I was able to make power point projects and write professional looking papers for school with ease. I am getting an A in my adolescent psychology class in part because of the professionalism at my finger tips with this program.
  • Andrew Alexander "agalexander" - Rush can do no wrongIt's 164 minutes with lots of extras!!! Worth 6 stars

    From Amazon UK:
    Rush s Time Machine shows in 2010 / 11 were one of the most anticipated tours ever. Celebrating 30 years since the 1981 release of their classic bestselling album Moving Pictures the band performed the entire album live for the first time as the centrepiece of the concerts. The shows also featured favourite tracks from across their lengthy career and two new songs expected to feature on their next studio album. As ever the concerts were a visual feast and sounded great with the band playing at the top of their form. Reviews for the tour have been amazing from both fans and critics alike and this Blu-ray release is guaranteed to appeal to Rush fans everywhere. Bonus Features Alternative ending for The Real History Of Rush: Episode 2 ; Outtakes from History Of Rush: Episodes 2 & 17 ; Outtakes from I Still Love You Man ; Live from Laura Secord Secondary School (full clip from BLTS); Live from Passaic, NJ (full clip from BLTS).
  • Ballentine - I lost my virginity in this shirtWhen I was 15 I put on this shirt and went over to a girl's house. I'd borrowed "october rust" by type o negative from her and needed to return it. She thanked me for returning her cd and upon seeing my shirt she invited me inside and told me what a cool shirt it was. We sat down and started watching the film "Fargo". As soon as the cop bought it in the film I noticed her giving me the eye. She asked me to come in her room and then she threw me down on the bed and we did it. After it was all over, while I was laying there thinking about guns and other women she looked at me and said "I don't know what came over me, that shirt just makes me so wet."

    I probably would have kept seeing her but my new found magical powers that this shirt has bestowed upon me led me to become a sex fiend. 38 women later, I still have that shirt and I wear it every time. It is great birth control and I even wear it at work to give me confidence.

    I hope I never lose this shirt. Glad it can't be destroyed.