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  • Captain Tim - 10 Years too lateThis book was ten years too late in the writing, "it was a foggy morning about 12 miles off of shore, the ship was a 700 footer, we did not see it or hear it coming.
    Then the water was a swirling, the noise was a thundering, the ship appeared out of the devil's mist, a mere 90 feet away steaming on a collision course",

    But alas this book would not have helped since I was on Lake Michigan and it
    was a huge "Boat" not a ship coming to make toothpicks out of my sailboat and I.

    Maybe his next book will be on a topic of help to me.
  • Gabos - Was a girlWe got a girl as shown in the test, the doctor said it was going to be a girl, surprise we got a girl, intelligender sown us ...
  • Buzz "HLE in Massachusetts" - A NutriBullet instead of a pricey Vita Mix suits meI had a very old VitaMix which could as usual make a smoothie. It wasn't what I needed but I couldn't afford a VitaMix up in the hundreds of dollars. I saw the NutriBullet demo and was perduaded, I use it almost every day and have many more uses to explore. I can store the parts in my cupboard and was happy to say good-bye to the VitaMix hogging space on my counter.
  • Renee Elden - LOVED IT. Outstanding read and WELL writtenI loved this storyline. Outstanding read as well as outstanding writing. The story of Gabe and Mia was superly written. You knew exactly what each person was thinking throughout the entire book, I felt like to was right there in the story with them then whole time. FABULOUS job Maya Banks.
  • mrscrr - Fantastic Read!!!I was really excited to read the second book of the Divergent series. It was definitely a great read the book kept you interested throughout the whole thing. I do not see how it can be said that this book mimicking Hunger Games because it is different in a lot of ways. I would say that if you liked Hunger Games Series you will definitely enjoy this series.