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  • Leslie G. Mchenry "L. McHenry" - I'M IN LOVE...I'll make this short and sweet. The NutriBullet is an amazing appliance and, honestly, now that I've used it I could never be without one. I use it at least twice daily and have never felt better in my life! The one and only time it leaked was when I did not follow the instructions for filling. I would encourage people not to be deterred by the few bad reviews. I'm convinced that 98% of the time if the unit leaks it is due to human error and failure to follow instructions. Also, as an added bonus it REALLY IS insanely easy to clean! If something happened to my NutriBullet this morning I would order a new one this afternoon. Five stars all the way!!!
  • RandomK - Slick TabletJaw dropping performance, decent battery life (absolutely unmatched if using the dock), removable storage, HDMI out, ICS, and one of the best tablet screens around. Went to this from a TF101 (another great tablet) and it was a solid upgrade. It cannot be overstated just how much ICS improves upon prior Android versions. It's like the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 7, so if you've tried Android in the past and found it lacking in polish it's time for another look. This thing is Sexy with a capital S. Don't be a sheep, try this baby out and you will never look back.

    I haven't had any GPS issues, though many have reported problems. Asus has said they are working to correct the issue, and I would take their word for it given my experience with their other products (laptops, desktop and server motherboards, etc). That said, if GPS is critical to your selection in a tablet I would probably look elsewhere, as I don't expect the TF201 will ever be perfect in this regard. More Tegra 3 tablets will be available soon, or you could borrow your grandparent's iPad.
  • L. Cox - Great GameThis is a great game. The attack on here does not stop that fact. Just because people don't like the protection software doesn't mean you should not pick up this game. I would have never known about this "awful protection device" if everyone didn't make a huge deal of it. People need to grow up. The game is great and the security on it does not affect anyone but piraters.
  • Jason Rutledge - Great Camera, top notch technical support if needed.Getting ready to be a father for the first time, I know personally I want nothing but the best to keep an eye an ear on my baby. Researched and researched for easily a month for all the best must have's for the safety in the house. Decided with other reviews and high ratings to go with Wifi Baby 2.0. Needless to say i am very happy with that decision. Received my camera and did not want to waste a moment to set it up and test it. Directions are straight forward and easy for any Mac of PC owner. I did have a minor issue with setting up the nanny cam feature, which allows me to watch on my I-Phone or a computer outside my home network. (Which is a fantastic feature on this camera). I came to the conclusion I needed help with setting the camera up 100%. Located on the website for Wifi Baby is a support tab that answers and shows you troubleshooting areas if it happens, let alone you can ask for live technical support over the phone or even with a share screen session. I filled out the information needed for support and within minutes I was called by Gary "Technical Guru", asking if he could finish my setup. Gary took over on the screen share session on my computer, very knowledgable and very patient Gary helped me with my issues, non camera related but how I had my home network set up with an addition modem not needed, and had my camera up and operational from outside my network. Thank you Wifi Baby and Gary for a great product and customer service.