Nexium Esomeprazole Magnesium Drug Information - Nexium (Esomeprazole Magnesium) is used to treat symptoms of heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Nexium is also prescribed to prevent stomach ulcers and stomach irritation in patients who take arthritis or pain medication or NSAID.

Country: Europe, CZ, Czechia

City: Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha

  • Noname - So Much Nicer Than LibreOfficeEver since building my computer and installing Windows 7, I have been using LibreOffice. Microsoft Office was priced out of my budget. For all those complaining about the one computer license, I completely understand.

    LibreOffice works, but it's not Microsoft Office. After living with LibreOffice, it is such a joy to use Microsoft Office. The interface is cleaner, more attractive. It's easier to use, lots of templates, etc. I've been using it to make calendars and schedules and charts and for writing these reviews. There are templates galore. Whereas in LibreOffice I muddle around, in Microsoft Office I'm there.

    I wish it weren't so expensive. I'd buy it for all my computers. As it is, I'll live with the one I got. At least they'll let me transfer it if my computer dies.
  • MichelinMan "Joseph W" - you people who talk negatively about the cost of this productyou people are griping about 16-17bucks? For real? I go to GNC alot and I browse the weight loss pills every time and not a single bottle is under $30 and some cost upwards of $70-$80. Those of which also have numerous secret ingredients that no one can pronounce or are man made and IMO are worse than natural organic ingredients. So Lipozene has a filler that puffs out like rice when it hits your stomach, SO WHAT. The problem is, you people who claim the pill didn't work, 95% of you aren't "OVER WEIGHT". I love seeing the Hydroxycut commercials with the guys and gals on there with their 145LB before and 100LB anorexic after photos. Its you people who don't pay attention to anything and go dive right in and expect it to work then it doesn't, that make me sick. It's those of you, who make me want to try it out more and more because I have in fact read and did my research on it. If you need to lose only 10-20Lbs, then cut out that extra soda or that secret bag of chips you stash in your car glove box, yeah I'm not stupid I know all your tricks.

    Maybe you should invest in some common sense and think before you speak because when you spew misinformation, you ruin a great products name simply because you were to ignorant to follow simple instructions.
  • mary meehan - Best ASVAB bookThis book was very good. It helped me alot. First part introduces you to the ASVAB then it tests your knowledge by giving you a full length practice test. After this you check your answers and it gives you explanations of each one. At that times its best to go back and redo each one you got wrong and figure out how to get the right answer.

    Right after that you get the hang out the test and the questions you will be facing. Then as you go on it gives you alot more helpful details used to scoring real high on the test. absolutely has a good system and definitely the ASVAB book you wanna get.