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  • Matt Ferris - Great WorkoutI love the workouts. Can't say I've made it through the program (mainly injury) but the workouts themselves are pretty fun. Expect lots of muscle pain for the first two weeks at least. I did notice results pretty quickly when eating a clean diet and sticking with the workouts but the clean diet is probably accounts for 85% of the results.
  • A. Mcdonald - wonderfulI have been taking the pills for about 2 weeks now. The best part about it is that it is truly an appetite suppressant without the jittery feeling, or headachs or any of that side effect crap. I have lost about 7lb so far. I also exercise 4-5days a week. You will feel the difference even if you dont see it right away. For the price compared to other products, its really worth the try.
  • Cletis Gibbler - God Bless this shirt!I was amazed to discover that the Three Wolf Moon shirt has miraculous life giving powers! Since I wear my shirt every single day, I find it necessary to maintain a steady stream of replacements. I keep all the closets in my mom's trailer full of the shirts in order to ensure I will always look my best when I hang out at the local truck stop.

    One day my pet possum lil Cletis got loose and was runned over by a passing semi. Poor Lil Cletis popped like a ketchup packet when all the wheels on the left side of that fully loaded rig ran over his preciousness. I was so heart broken by my loss that I felt compelled to wrap his mangled remains in one of my Three Wolf Moon shirts before burying him in mom's punkin patch.

    To my amazement, Lil Cletis was miraculously restored to perfect health by the God-like healing powers of the shirt! In fact, he was also given the power of human speech! That Lil feller can tell the funniest jokes now! He also reads me bed time stories.

    Tonight me and Lil Cletis are gonna go dig up some dead bodies and put Three Wolf Moon shirts on them so I can have some new friends! God bless you Three Wolf Moon shirt!