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  • Sunshine State - It really works.As a few others have stated it does take time but it does work. I don't understand why others think they have bad customer service. It is one of the easiest companies to deal with. If you have a question or even a problem you can't solve call them. They exchange it in a heart beat. After first problem that I thought I had, it was operator error but they sent me a new one anyway. I decided to add extended protection. I'm happy that they even do that. How many other companies let you use a product then return it for another, over and over? None that I can think of at the moment. Follow the directions. Now I just use it for leg maintenance and facial hair removal. It is thicker and more stubborn. Use it!!
  • southpaw68 "southpaw68" - Trippin' for a livin'Trippin', that's what Pinchbeck does, but he thinks that he is doing so much more than that. Pinchbeck writes with a dense style, which is a slow read that requires pondering and analysis. It was just enough of challenge for me, but not too much. He tries to gain insight into life by taking psychedelics. He leads a life that maybe I would like to lead, traveling outer and inner worlds. But he has lived through some difficulties; I can't say that his drug taking has led him to a better life. If you think that a drug vision "telling" you that to save the world you need to clean your room is a good insight, then you may think psychonaut journeys are worth it. Pinchbeck also covers the perils of such drug taking in which he talks about how a trickster spirit entered his dream world and was not easily dispelled.

    He talks about problems in his own life, about his split from his female "partner", as he puts it, and their daughter. Wisely, he decided to stay close by so that he could have a relationship with his daughter. Coming out of a Beatnik environment, he realized that he did not want to escape fatherly responsibilities after finding out how many Beatnik children had destroyed themselves because of their lack of a good father. Although Pinchbeck is out traveling and having drug experiences, his partner does not approve and dismisses him as a drug addict. Both of them have deep ambivalence towards life.

    Pinchbeck reports on many of the leading lights of the new age and speculates on how 2012 may change our consciousness. He also covers occult thinkers such as Rudolf Steiner and strange phenomena like crop circles. Pinchbeck has not quite reached enlightenment yet; he is just struggling to get through life, but the psychedelics make things more interesting, I'm sure.