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  • K. benford - Excellant Quicken Deluxe 2011I have used Quicken Deluxe software since 1994. I have always found it to be user friendly, just right for personal finances. Every year I purchase the current software and always find slight, but good improvements. This year they seemed to tweak it just right. Less keys strokes to accomplish tasks that took 2 or 3 to do last year. I think this year they improve it considerably better. For personal bookkeeping this is perfect for you. As a former bookkeeper this software does not overload you with apps that you do not need.
  • Lynn Meenzhuber - Too good to be true?Yes is is true. Just one pill can make you forget about food for 6 to 8 hours. I have to remind myself to eat. This is a 10 star rating. People that want to lose weight and get all the other health benefits should try Garcinia Cambogia.
  • R. Griffin "Jaimee" - Give it a try!OK. I had no idea who this author is, but I'm waiting on the next Diana Gabbledon book and I've read the others a million times. Amazon suggested Wool and over 1,000 reviews can't be wrong, right?

    A silo. My initial thoughts: Super far-fetched. A cleaner: Who's gonna do that knowing the outcome? Halfway through the book: How's this guy gonna tie all this together?

    So, I couldn't put it down. My family thought I'd abandoned them. It turned from far-fetched to believable to I-hope-that's-not-what-happens-to-us. Howey shows a story about the big guys controlling the little guys but it's more than that. It's what people will believe if given enough rules and fear. Thanks to the author for not being heavy-handed on the romance. If I want a bodice ripper, I will seek out Danielle Steele (bleh). I've never read a story even close to this one. Matrix is the closest I can think of, but the premise is definitely different. I read the second book and am now beginning Dust. Cheers to an author and summary I wouldn't have even considered (I normally like historical fiction) if not for Amazon's suggestion.
  • Michelle - life changingI was looking for a way to spice up my marriage, to give my husband that spruce up of sexiness I always wished he had. I wanted to feel all eyes of desiring women on him when we went to places like Walmart or the dollar store. But nothing I tried gave him that "king of the trailer park" feel that I craved. Nothing, that is, until I found this shirt.

    The three wolves symbolize the carnal desire of the beast inside of him. When he walks into Walmart now, shirt tightly fitting his sexy beer gut, slightly sweaty pits and that hair that screams I haven't washed it in three days because men of wolves dont need to bathe, I know all eyes are on me for being the lucky woman who is with him. I see the women in there glitter sweat suits eyeing him, with their cheap box color hair and fake nails, running their hands across their large butts and then smelling their fingers seductively. They are trying to entice him, but I know that this man beast is all mine.

    Only I get to take him home, open a beer for him, have our wild three minute love making and listen to him snore in the chair while I clean up and smoke that oh so satisfying cigarette. Thank you wolf shirt for bringing the spark back into my marriage. It truly changed my life.
  • Scott "Dr. Music" Itter "Dr. Music" - Waters' mind takes flight with Gilmour guitar work.With guitarist David Gilmour delicately brushing Waters' canvas, he shows that great guitar playing can come by sacrificing speed for tone, and quantity for quality. These two guys had enormous chemistry when they were comrades, and this record may be the best example of their craft.
    Pink Floyd is one of those acts that creates a world with their sound. Gilmour creates a landscape of exquisite tone by playing half the notes of your average rock guitarist. He has the uncanny ability to send a shiver with only a single note. He plays under the notion that one note struck at the precise time, is more powerful than a basketful of notes played erratically; and it's amazingly effective.

    As the record starts out, "Pigs On The Wing (Part One)" is just under a minute and a half, and it sets the mood for the rest of the record with a casual and relaxed acoustic sound. As we slide into the epic "Dogs", we find the band walking us through a maze of moods. Pink Floyd is all about mood. As we hear in "Dogs", we start with a slight acoustic trot that soon develops into a plateau of sound effects, and later into a more sturdy but anxious finale. The tempo change after the sound effects bridge, topped off by the powerful lyric "And when you lose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown", is nothing short of brilliant. The transition from mood to mood is unparalleled. No one does this like Floyd, one. As the record moves us through "Pigs (Three Different Ones)", "Sheep", and back to the relaxed acoustic strumming of "Pigs On The Wing (Part Two)" to finish off the record, we feel like we're being taken on a journey. Now I hate to be redundant but, one does this like Floyd either, no one.
    Now, the whole concept behind this album is very interpretive, but it is no doubt political in nature. With lines like "Hey you, Whitehouse, Ha ha charade you are". This line was directed toward the British Moral Majority figure Mary Whitehouse. Mrs. Whitehouse was the self-appointed head of the National Viewers and Listeners Association, which "campaigns for broad national moral standards in radio and TV." She's been known for openly denouncing Floyd and promoting censorship since their beginning in '67.
    It has been said that Waters was partly inspired by George Orwell's classic novel Animal Farm in which people are divided up into groups represented by animals. However you like to interpret Waters lyrics, one thing is definite; Pink Floyd's "Animals" is a masterful example of conceptual musical art, crafted by a group of stupendous musicians.
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