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  • Rocky McStone - Very ImpressedI recently picked up the Aerogarden for my wife since she loves fresh herbs. The only Herb she didn't like in the package was Dill. So we replaced the Dill with Oregano and let me say it worked like a charm. We simply removed the Dill seed from the sponge and put in our Oregano seed. Normal germination for Oregano is 10 to 20 days. We had growth after only 3 days using the Aerogarden. Big Success - Love the Machine.

    Take Care..
  • BioHazard - Ipad RocksI always used Android tablets for both work and personal, but just switched to the IPad mini . This was one of the best choice of my life. It was one of the most easiest tablets to learn by far and has everything I needed for both work and personal. I would recommend this to everyone for everything from personal, school and work.
  • Cat Feet - Easy download & no problems!I have to say, in contrast to some of the other reviews...I had no problems whatsoever with this software. It was easy to install (took about 10 min.) & am running XP Media Edition. I am a media junkie, and that's why I ordered this product...because of the multiple media features it offers. So far, I have easily edited some photos ala 3D style (what fun (!) but you have to choose the right photo, it won't make a bad photo look good). I also have created a calendar for a friend who's having a birthday soon. Very easy! I like the way the photo tasks are organized. I had software from Canon that was "heavy" & unorganized (& it often crashed). That's no longer an issue.
    I also appreciate the multitude of abilities that Creator 2011 has: to burn/back up copies of my hard drive (I don't have a secondary drive), to burn discs easily (my old software was pretty bad at this!) & have have easily done both in a matter of 20 min. The tutorials make this really easy to understand & readily do. No groping around for info! While I haven't gotten into movie editing yet, I look forward to using that feature when the time comes. The 3D DVD effect will be fun to explore. I am not a super techie type of level is about "intermediate", yet I believe this software would be easy for the non-tech person to easily use & understand. I have had zero issues (!). I am very pleased with this product...and unlike a recent antivirus I ordered, it works fine. I'll be checking out the feature about sharing on social network sites (like facebook) next & will be happy to come back & update my review in the future about this & any other features & experiences.
  • Diane Ellis - Absolutely Wonderful!I am addicted to coffee, more specifically lattes. I was hesitant to try this coffee when a friend introduced me to it because I've had instant coffee and it's just plain awful, in my humble opinion. I even carried the few packets he gave me around in my purse for probably a month or better. I didn't have time to run to my favorite coffee shop one morning, and tried one of these packets. I made my latte iced, and it was delicious! For the first week, I went every other day for my regular. Then I ran into my friend and bought a box off of him, starting drinking this regularly, and something simply amazing started happening. I felt better, appeared to have more energy, and for the first time in years my acid reflux lessened and then went away. Once in a while I still pop an antacid, but the everyday and every night throat burning and pain have all but dissipated. This coffee is wonderful, and I save over $75 a month from buying coffee that would have hurt my stomach to coffee that makes me feel good and sleep better. It took me about a week to feel the difference but it's so worth it.
  • vernas - Worked twice!It worked for me, twice. Once for a boy and once for a girl. I waited until 14 weeks with my son and with my daughter took it right away at 12 weeks. That test didn't work. I found it on sale and bought another and took it again at 14 weeks and it said girl. We're expecting our 3rd child and I just bought my test. I'll be waiting until 14 weeks to take it. I don't put a lot of faith in it working but it's fun to do.