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  • Donna Di Giacomo - Now THIS is what you call a book!Susan Mc Dougal is one hell of a lady. She faced horrendous conditions in prison, was shuffled from one federal facility to another without any explanation, and calmly held her own against the extreme agenda of "Independent Counsel" Kenneth Starr (a bedfellow of far right Republicans for years prior to the well financed Clinton witchhunt).

    Those that defend Starr would have done just swell in Auschwitz or Tiananmen Square. Starr was unabashed of his tactics to make Susan testify (even sending an attractive lawyer to one prison to get her cooperation) and he wouldn't have missed the opportunity to nail Susan for perjury at the first opportunity, so she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She was screwed whichever way you looked at it and she knew it. Susan was quite a few steps ahead of this creep and his band of misfits every step of the way.

    The saddest part of all is that when you ignore the talk radio gasbags and hysterics and actually read this woman's book, you will discover that she knew President and Hillary Clinton only slightly, and it was a relationship that occurred in the mid to late 70's. She was not the close confidant of the Clintons that Starr portrayed her to be.

    To be able to come out of her situation mentally intact takes a lot of guts and fortitude. Instead of dwelling over the past, Susan has taken her horrible experiences and has done well. She holds no resentment towards Starr (who cancelled an appearance at a bookstore, if I remember correctly, when he learned Susan would be there) and has said that his day will come (oh, but to be a fly on the wall!).

    As another person said, Susan is not whiny or self-pitying in her book. She just tells her story and lets you be the judge.
  • Diane O. Hainsworth "diane" - hydro floss oral irrigatorI had been told, by a new dentist, that I had a number of large pockets in my gums, along my molar teeth and it was suggested that I needed periodontal work to correct the problem. A doctor suggested that I purchase the hydro floss and I did. I started with the low pressure setting and worked up to the higher pressure as my gums became healthier. My last dental appointment (six months after the last one) showed my gums healthy and no longer needing extra work. I love the Hydro Floss and intend to have it as part of my home dental care forever.
  • Eva Arnott "Eva" - The Best Book of the YearI'm enjoying this even more than "Wolf Hall". The author fills in the gaps in our knowledge with her own imagination while at the same time writing accurately about what professional historians tell us. I still dislike Thomas Cromwell but now I understand him much better. That is what brilliant novelists do for us.
  • Nikita Lopez - Easy Inspiring ReadI am a 26 yr old married woman and mother of two young children. I am blessed to have had a successful life thus far. Married to my best friend and mother to two incredible children. Reading this has inspired me to another level. To not get so "comfortable" to continue on with your dreams no matter what circumstance. I suggest this to anyone who is having a hard time finding their place in this world. Such a great easy read.
  • Melisa - First Review Ever on Internet for AnythingI have been lucky to have decent skin my entire life but after years in the sun I have received about 4 dark spots on my face. I just saw that Proacive had this spot corrector and decided to give it a try. I have used it sparingly due to small size and must say it works. The ugly brown spots have faded significantly and I feel much better about myself when I look in the mirror....I would buy this again..