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  • Full Expression - Just when I needed it!I was drawn to this book in the store just at a point when I had been abandoned by someone who I felt very attached to. I just couldn't stop obsessing with the thoughts about how we were going to eventually get back together. But I knew this was not healthy behavior and wanted to do something about it. This book and the information conveyed helped me see the destructive patterns I was engaged in with this guy and my contribution to my own unhealthy behavior. Furthermore, it described his and my behaviors to a tee, and explained why he/I had acted the way he/I did and the cycle and circle we were drawn to, the codependence and the fears that motivated us to be drawn to each other to attempt to heal those fears (each had the same fears, ultimately). I hope someday that he reads this book or finds out what this book has taught me about why I was drawn to find knights in shining armor, and he was drawn to the nurturing female. If we had been aware of these behaviors during our relationship, it might have even worked since as Mellody explains, even just one partner getting healthy can change everything. If you are a "romantic", but something is not working to keep you in love, then this book may provide some answers for you.
  • TDJones - The best tabletThe more I explore this tablet the more I fall in love w/it. I love it soooo much!!! I'm so happy I have this device!!!
  • Anonymous - Extremely surprised at how good this book wasI bought "Secrets of the A Game" as my first PUA book over similar ones (The Game, Mystery Method, etc.) because of it's length (411 pages) and high review score. All the other 5-star reviews are spot-on. Coming from someone with social anxiety and has had very few relationships, this may actually be the most useful book I've ever read. The first half of the book is inner game, with the second half being technique. The author never flaunts his ego like I've read in other reviews for PUA books - he never uses any filler at all for that matter, just a short introduction of his personal story which he doesn't even include in the page count! I was actually really surprised how well-written this book was, and am definitely reading it twice. It's an extremely organized and comprehensive book, I would suggest if you're on the fence of whether to buy it or not to take a look at the table of contents versus other PUA books, it's really two books in one like other reviewers said. You can use the information for either random hookups or long-term relationships - it has a lot of useful information on female psychology that would help sustain any relationship, be it a one-night stand or something a lot more lasting. The book doesn't just teach the technique of attraction, but the psychology behind it, so you get a full understanding instead of robotically following some rigid plan. Logan, man - all I have to say is thank you!
  • Shawn Pickering - Exempt From DisclosureRobert Collin's book, "Exempt From Disclosure" is a detailed, well documented examination of the Black World of Extraterrestial Technology. It is a must read for anyone serious about the reality that we are not along. It goes a long way to dispel the notion that interstellar travel is prohibitive. The most intoxicating idea put forth in this book is that we must stop wasting time with our physics when examining "their" technology. For those people who ask me, "What's a great book to read on the subject of UFO's?" I say, "Exempt From Disclosure!"
  • Arthur "Arthur" - Have used this for at least 5 years nowRuns in the background, Completely unobtrusive. I used Norton, which came with my computer and I liked that as well but the pricing of Kaspersky can't be beat and protection is just as good. Can be used on 3 PCs so my wife's laptop and my son's computer are protected as well. Great price on Amazon as well!