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  • Leah H. - Pleasantly Surprised!I'm a stay at home mom to my 6 month old twins and my fiancé brought the Pedispin home from work on day after I dealing with my complaining about needing to get out of the house to the nail salon to get a pedicure. At first, I was quite skeptical assuming that any battery operated "foot buffer" had to be junk, and being someone who always checks amazon reviews before buying, after reading the reviews on Amazon I felt like he had been completely ripped off.

    But, after using it I felt completed to come on here to write a review because this thing is amazing! Trust me, I am a nail salon junkie and I am now thinking this thing does the job better than any pedicure! I saw a previous poster had posted something in regards to it stopping if you push too hard (which is true) but trust me that's a good thing! The buffer pad on this gadget is so course that you don't need to push all the way down. My feet were so incredibly dry and cracked and now (without even any lotion) that are as soft and smooth as ever!

    Don't be turned away by the bad reviews! If I were considering buying this thing through Amazon this thing I probably would have been too but I can assure you that you wont be dissatisfied... i am so blow away! I love this thing and am probably going to end up buying one for my mom and sister as stocking gifts!
  • Jessica Rodericks - Yup, Align saved me a lot of pain...I can't say enough good things about this product! My GI prescribed me a super-strong antibiotic for a wimpy stomach virus, and the drug most likely wiped out all the good bacteria in my system. Basically overnight I was diagnosed with IBS and I was all of a sudden lactose-intolerant. I had always been a healthy young adult, but the next six months were a horror show. I was afraid to drive anywhere, sit in a movie theater, go for a walk in the woods - all because my digestive system was so unpredictable. I even had a few "accidents", which were absolutely humiliating. I was about to call my primary care doctor and get some anti-anxiety meds, because if you have IBS, you know that just thinking about it can cause an attack, then having more frequent attacks causes more anxiety and it just gets out of control! Instead, I started taking Align, which was referred to me by a friend. Within a few months, I was almost back to my old self! I still get worried sometimes, but only if I eat something out of the ordinary or if it has too much dairy in it. But I still can't believe how this drug turned my life around. It's done the same for my friend and my aunt (she was even hospitalized before her husband was referred to Align and he was able to sneak some into the hospital!) Yeah, it's a little expensive, but if you're in dire straights, this drug is totally worth the cost!
  • Ann L. Stanaway - All that glitters is not gold!Easy upgrade. Comes with drivers compatible with remote devices as well as those onboard. I was surprised when my Logitech remote keyboard/mouse worked fine throughout the upgrade. Nice convenience. I did eventually install the Logitech setpoint software, but did not hassle until after all my Windows updates and anti-virus software were installed. Windows 8 may look a bit different at first glance, but don't be fooled! Under the hood, it's still the same system32, I-x86, DOS based leviathan we techies all love to hate! As a 30-year veteran of the industry, I can say "ho, hum, Microsoft!".
  • Inside Out - Excellent analysisThis is such a great book. Mr. Shirky tells a lot of great stories, some of them well known, others less so. But the biggest value comes with the analysis. Mr. Shirky takes the stories to another level by providing great commentaries, which are neither dry or heavy handed nor simplistic or trivial. Each chapter is highly engaging and interesting. The only problem perhaps is that the book by now (2011) has been published three years ago - that is a long while back, in Internet time.