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  • Brea Bert - PERFECT AMOUNT FOR ONEThis machine can make you one dish of ice cream or you can keep grinding for several. Not having a gallon container go bad in the freezer or get frostbite. Just follow the directions and you will be amazed. And if you don't want ice cream, just use the fruit with no banana and you have sorbet!!
  • J. Allen - It's a Wonderful MilkA rejected script, long thought lost, until now:

    MEDIUM SHOT -- George behind soda fountain. He is putting on his apron.

    GEORGE: Yes, sir.

    WIDER ANGLE -- Violet Bick enters the drugstore and sits on one of the stools at the fountain. She isthe same height as Mary and the same age, but she is infinitely older in her approach to people.

    VIOLET (with warm friendliness): Hello, George.
    (then, flatly, as she sees Mary)

    VIOLET: 'Lo, Mary.

    MARY (primly): Hello, Violet.

    George regards the two of them with manly disgust. They are two kids to him, and a nuisance. He starts over for the candy counter.

    GEORGE: Two cents worth of shoelaces?

    VIOLET: She was here first.

    MARY: I'm still thinking.

    GEORGE (to Violet): Shoelaces?

    VIOLET: Please, Georgie.

    George goes over to the candy counter.

    VIOLET (to Mary): I like him.

    MARY: You like every boy.

    VIOLET (happily): What's wrong with that?

    GEORGE: Here you are.

    George gives Violet a paper sack containing licorice shoelaces. Violet gives him the money.

    VIOLET (the vamp): Help me down?

    GEORGE (disgusted): Help you down!

    Violet jumps down off her stool and exits. Mary, watching, sticks out her tongue as she passes.

    CLOSE SHOT -- George and Mary at fountain.

    GEORGE: Made up your mind yet?

    MARY: I'll take chocolate.

    George puts some chocolate ice cream in a dish.

    GEORGE: With Tuscan Whole Milk?

    MARY: I don't like milk.

    GEORGE: You don't like Milk! Say, brainless, don't you know where Tuscan Whole Milk comes from? Lookit here -
    - from Tahiti -- Fiji Islands, the Coral Sea! Tuscany, obviously. Say, you're kind of a dumbass, aren't you?

    He pulls a magazine from his pocket and shows it to her.

    MARY: A new magazine! I never saw it before.

    GEORGE: Of course you never, you stupid milk-hater. Only us drinkers of Tuscan Whole Milk, all 128 ozs., can get it. I've been nominated for membership in the National Tuscanic Society. How'd you like to come over to Ma's house and roll in the sack a little before Pop gets home, honey. Bet you'll like milk then.

    He leans down to finish scooping out the ice cream, his deaf ear toward her. She leans over, speaking

    CLOSE SHOT -- Mary, whispering.

    MARY: Is this the ear you can't hear on? George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die.

    She draws back quickly and looks down, terrified at what she has said.
  • Barry Gilbert - A Brilliant Nose with Hints of CitrusOn the nose this milk is exceptionally elegant. Dominant floral notes (mint and white flowers) mingle with hints of fresh fruit (citrus fruits, fresh almonds). As it undergoes aeration, riper notes of vanilla and nougat come to the fore, giving a pleasant roundness to the milk. At this stage a typical whole milk characteristic, crisp elegance, clearly prevails over aromatic strength.

    In the mouth, the milk, especially in the gallon size, reveals its true personality. Fruity notes (white peaches, grapefruit and bergamot) dominate an energetic attack on the palate, which is prolonged by the structure and roundedness of the milk. The balance, a combination of freshness and vigour, is ideal. With a finish that is extremely persistent and clean, mineral notes add force to this noble cow juice.
  • Helen Hancox "Auntie Helen" - An interesting new world and some appealing charactersI enjoyed this book because, despite featuring werewolves and other shapeshifters, it was unlike any other shapeshifter book I have read. In `Slave To Sensation' Nalini Singh describes a world where there are three classes of people - the humans, the shapeshifters and the Psy. The Psy are those with psychic talents who, 100 years previously, made a pact to detach themselves from all emotions in order to become more perfect people. The Psy consider themselves above the humans and shapeshifters and keep themselves mostly separate from the others - it's like a sub-group of people like Mr Spock. Their culture is one of lack of emotion, no touch, no fear or pain and no crime.

    Or is it? Sascha Duncan is a Cardinal Psy, theoretically one of the most powerful of the Psy group and visibly marked by her special eyes. Everyone can see that she is a Cardinal and yet she doesn't seem to have the requisite huge psychic power. She can feel that her life is coming apart, her barriers to emotion are crumbling and she knows that when her mother Nikita or anyone else on the Psy Council realise this they will give her, in effect, a lobotomy. She's desperately trying to hide her Psy problems from them for as long as possible.

    Lucas Hunter is a shapeshifter Panther who finds himself in a business relationship with Sascha and her mother. He has an ulterior motive for the business link - he is trying to investigate a serial killer of shapeshifter women who is definitely one of the Psy; perhaps Sascha is his chance to learn more about the Psy and to find the killer through her.

    However, pretty soon their close contact with each other starts to erode the barriers between them and their mutual suspicions. It seems that they must work together, and with the local werewolf clan, to try to find out who the killer is - but Sascha knows that it will cause her death and Lucas begins to think that's too big a sacrifice.

    This book was a really good read - the gradual thawing of Sascha's Mr Spock personality was very touchingly written. Lucas is, of course, an Alpha male and fulfils all the required alpha male stereotypes in this genre of book but he also comes across as caring and intelligent. The hunt for the serial killer, although not an overwhelming part of the story (and the villain not particularly surprising), is well plotted. The descriptions of Sascha's travels in the Psy world are interesting and well thought through.

    The final pages of the book are a preview to a new book, `Visions Of Heat' to be released in 2007 which evidently follows on from `Slave To Sensation' - and it's a book that I'll be buying.