Bactroban ( Mupirocin Ointment 2% and Cream ): Mupirocin Ointment. This medicine is an antibacterial used to treat skin infections. Buy Mupirocin (Bactroban) 2% Ointment 1 X22g tube $31.00 - Mupirocin Ointment. This medicine is an antibacterial used to treat skin infections. Buy Mupirocin (Bactroban) 2% Ointment 1 X22g tube $31.00

Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • buffaloboss - There are two in our home. 1st generation, the one that gets a little grief...... is great. Get used to it.There are two in our home. 1st generation, the one that gets a little grief...... is great. Get used to it. The 3rd generation my wife reads is great too. Both are dependable and take a bit of getting used to. Even the 1st generation can be held and munipulated comfortably. We have carried them all over the country and read them in many different light conditions and not ever been disapointed. People see them and ask, and are always amazed how well they can see them. I like to fold open my cover shell, make a stand with it, then rest the unit against it, simply touching next to turn the page. Easier than than a book.
  • Tess1970 - Best acne product availableI'm currently 42 years old and began having adult acne about four years ago. I spent literally thousands of dollars on products and visits to my dermatologist. My official "diagnosis" was cystic nodular acne due to hormones...I was going to the doctor weekly to have shots of medication injected into the affected sites. The doctor prescribed several different, (and very expensive), creams, gels, etc., and none of them helped...with nothing working, my doctor wanted to prescribe Accutane as a last resort. After researching this medication, I was not willing to take the health risks involved, so I was left with doing more research, spending more money, becoming more frustrated, and even beginning to struggle with lowered self-esteem due to the condition of my skin. One day I simply typed "What is the best acne treatment available?" into Google, and I came across Exposed Skin Care. I must tell you that this is the very first review I've ever taken the time to write on any product I've ever purchased. I'm writing this review because it completely changed my skin in ways that nothing else had been able to for four frustrating years. Within the first week, I noticed calming of the existing acne...after that, the acne began to subside, then go away altogether within 4-6 weeks. Not only did it treat the major acne, but also the whiteheads and blackheads. I've used Exposed for about a year now, and I get compliments on my skin all the's fun to tell people that at this time last year I was in a doctor's chair getting shots injected into cysts on my face, and now I don't even have any dark spots where the acne used to be. I wish I had before and after pictures to go along with this really is a true success story. The red/dark spots are all gone...I only use a mineral make-up with minimal concealer necessary. Since I have "maturing" skin, I simply use a make-up and daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen, and a night cream with anti-aging properties along with the Exposed system.
    If you're struggling with acne, you will not regret purchasing this literally changed my life by helping me regain my self-confidence and self-esteem by clearing away the awful acne, controlling oil, and balancing my skin back to normal. Not only is it wonderful, it's very reasonably priced...especially when compared to the products I was purchasing from my doctor. Auto-ship helps ensure I never run out of any of the products, and each time you receive a shipment, there is a coupon for $5 off an individual also receive a discount on individual products when you're a member.
  • Thierry - This things saved my Mac more than once.I love tech but unfortunately my hands do not, from phones to tablets, things tend to slip from them so when I got my mac pro I decided to get a protective skin... It fits well, Clips on and never comes off... people even thought my mac was black. the matte black finish looks cool. my mac fell a couple of times and the skin chipped but the computer is intact so it does its job.
    I will be getting another one soon. Thanks to the seller the order came on time as promised and works as advertised.
  • Robert R. Quarteroni "Mr. Q Tips" - great customer serviceI ordered some old anti-virus software -- mainly because I'm cheap -- and when I got it it wouldn't load and, in fact, froze my pc
    several times. So, I started the return process with the normal snowball in hell feeling. To my GREAT surprise, I not only received a prompt, courteous professional call from an actual human being but he told me I could keep the diskette and they would refund
    my money, which they did. To say this treatment was unusual was to understate it. If only my bank, etc. would be so courteous.
  • vamppp - Did the trickI am a 48 year old female who really never had acne or zitts. At this point in my life I have started getting HUGE volcano like zitts on my chin. I had about 7 large zitts on my chin that wouldnt go away with any other product. I saw a commercial for this treatment on TV on night and decided to order it. I wrote a review after using it for about 4-5 days. I saw a big improvement. Now I am updating my review because its been about 2 weeks and ALL of my zitts are gone on my chin. I am still using the cream every morning and night to keep everything at bay until I know the zitts are gone for good. This product really does work, just like the commericals claim. I was skeptical since I am older, but it worked and it has kept on working. Give it a try!!!