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  • EdmailMusic - Good for the active sporty typeFirst, I have a very active life. I'm a runner, and multisports person who needs to keep a good intake of vitamins and nutrients. I use my Nutri Bullet EVERY day for Protein shakes and for my own smoothies. What I do is buy all raw ingredients, put them in ziplocks in the freezer and blend every morning a different mix. In preparation for my last marathon I used the NB at least twice a day to intake larger amount of naturally found vitamin C, and I never felt better in my life. The NB has come to supply a big gap in my nutrition chain in a quick, clean, measured way.

    I only use the large cup, the other two are useless to me. I use both blenders. The one with 2 blades I use mostly for large hard pieces of frozen fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, carrots and kiwis. The NB works perfectly fine with frozen chunks, with ice and dried food. I strongly recommend for anyone trying to improve their health and for people like me with a very active lifestyle and short time.
  • Sandra L. Hasaan - The Kindle Fire HD 7" 32gb, the best for kids, peace of mind for adultsI bought this tablet for my son. It is excellent. I received the product in brand new condition. The pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend buying refurbished or used from Amazon. This is the second tablet I have bought from them used, and the tablets arrive in new condition. There are no scratches, dents, or any other imperfections. The screen is beautiful. The interface is very kid friendly. The 32gb version of this product gives plenty of space for personal files as well as amazon files. I also like the parent protection software to prevent unauthorized purchases. All of my son's books are now on his Kindle. We no longer keep or buy print books. It is excellent for the environment and we can have our entire library every where we go!
  • Fabien - Fun for most gamers (don't believe all the negative reviews)I am 35 years old and an old fan of Diablo and Diablo 2 and I have been playing diablo 3 for a month now. Granted, I only have 1 Demon Hunter at level 60 but I had a ton of fun getting there and I am not about to quit playing anytime soon.

    Yet, you see all these reviews saying Diablo 3 is the worst game and even advising you to not play it at all. Well here is what I have to say: don't believe that what they say will apply to you.

    Here is what I think are some of the top complaints:
    - Game is too easy in Normal mode and can be finished too fast
    - Game gets so difficult in Inferno mode you have to buy gear from the Auction House
    - Game quality goes down from Act 1 to Act 4, with Act 4 feeling less polished
    - Items quality and/or drop rate are not good enough
    - Blizzard has made a change to the game which nerfed the skill X which I loved using (nerf = diminish its efficiency)

    Frankly, I have to say that it's hard for me to relate to any of these critics. It's not that I don't think they are valid, it's just that for me, the game is perfect as it is.

    Why? because I am not a hardcore gamer who gets hung up on the items quality or drop rate being too low, or a skill's efficiency being reduced. And I also don't mind spending $10 to get 3 million gold so I can buy myself good gear to survive in inferno (seriously, that's all it took: $10, and you can get a lot of amazing gear with 3 million gold).

    Also, my goal is not to finish the game as fast as I can, instead I explore everything, I change my skills to vary the fun, I pause to admire the amazing designs like a waterfall under a bridge, I talk to the characters in game... I enjoy it as much as I can. And so it's taken me 40 hours+ to get to inferno and at that point, I already felt that my $60 were very much worth it.

    So again, I am not saying their complaints are not valid, but just that if you are not a hardcore gamer and you don't mind spending $10 to get better gear (at some point, it's not mandatory), you will probably love this game.

    Edit: as recommended, I am adding here what I like about this game.

    First, it feels like Diablo and Diablo 2 to me and so there is a bit of nostalgia in the experience. I used to love this style of gaming and it brings me back to these days, when I would play the same levels over and over in LAN parties with friends. Arguably, the repetition is part of the experience isn't it?

    Second, I find the graphic design really well done. Like I said, I will sometime pause to just take it all in, because I find it very nicely done.

    Third, all the different skills are just awesome and I can't wait to try the ones on the other classes. You might say that there are only a few skills that are mandatory on Inferno but before that anything works more or less, so it's just fun to swap them out.

    Fourth, the thrill of the hunt. When you don't use the auction house, or even if you use it but only with gold farmed in the game in order to limit your budget, you have to be on your guard. You can't act like a tank and kill all on sight and so it's exciting to survive and slowly kill'em all.

    Fifth, the excitement of getting your gear to be what you want it to be: 500+ all resist or +2500 life per hit or +75% chance to do a critical hit, whatever floats your boat. You can pick a "theme" for your build and try to get gear for it that will maximize whatever effect you think will give you an edge. I didn't use the auction house until Hell, so it was pretty awesome to find new items, find a resplendent chest, get 4 perfect stats on a crafted item, etc. When I finally gave in to the auction house, it did change the game to me so I would recommend to wait for as long as you can, but still, there is some excitement in finding a good item on the auction house at a good price.

    All in all, a very good game in my opinion.