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  • SuitedPair - These guys have the system down pat. Will make your trip!Let me start by saying that if you are a complete free spirit and don't want to set any sort of rigid schedule for yourself on vacation then you should not buy this book. Actually, you should not go to Disneyland either.

    The team that wrote this book have created another masterpiece. This book is full of practical advice, not just attraction reviews. Some might think the Touring Plans are too anal, but you have to be anal to make Disneyland or Disney World work at any time other than the emptiest parts of the year. You can wake up a little early and hit your entire days worth of attractions by noon, or you can slack it and not see an days worth of attractions in two days.

    They also understand the psychology of travelling with a family and have just a few incredibly valuable tips on important things to remember.

    My favorites (paraphrased): When you get back from your trip, there is a pretty good chance all your pre-school kids will talk about or remember is the pool at the hotel. So DONT STRESS every detail.

    Also: Disneyland is not the place to teach your kids every last lesson and make them follow every desired behavior. Johnny can eat his broccoli back home.

    Anyway - the authors' website and smartphone apps are also highly recommended. WIll save you more time than you can imagine!
  • C. M. Nelson - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1This tablet has been wonderful and has fulfilled all my hopes and expectations. It is so versatile and easy to use with my PC.