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  • DharmaJoy - Perfection PersonifiedI purchased a mineral make-up product I've used before. I found the best value - combination of price and quality - from this vendor, purchased it, received a confirmation e-mail w/shipping info, and received my order a couple of days earlier then expected. 100% satisfaction all around! Based on my experience, I would order from this vendor again and recommend them to others.
  • T. Sibley "Tsibs7" - Best Tablet Currently AvailableOk, so I've been in the tablet market for the last 3 months and I finally was able to get my hands on this product. Trust me when I say it wasn't easy but it was worth the trouble. This tablet is by far the most advanced and fastest tablet on the market (IOS or Android). That doesn't mean it's perfect because no tech product is. Those out there looking for a device that never has bugs or issues might as well stop now because you'll never find something to your liking. What I can say is that ASUS did a fine job with putting this together. I won't touch on every aspect of the Transformer Prime but here are some highlights:

    Screen- This screen is bright and beautiful. You can set the Super IPS display if you're outdoors but otherwise, the regular brightness is perfectly fine. The resolution is the same as most 10.1 inch tablets and is crisp and clear.

    Speed- This tablet has a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and it is blazing. You can multi-task to your hearts delight and it won't skip a beat. It opens applications faster than any phone or tablet I can think of. The encouraging news is that they are still really developing apps for the Tegra 3 so when that becomes more relevant this thing will be even better. Scrolling and touch sensitivity is "buttery" smooth with no lag whatsoever.

    Build- This is a very aesthetically pleasing device. What I mean is that it is an eye-catcher. Brushed aluminum backing and super thin, it looks fantastic. It's light and the weight balance is perfect when holding with one hand or two. Gorilla glass screen means that you won't have to worry about scratches. Those out there that complain about fingerprints need to realize that this is the case for 99% of tablets out there. (HINT: use the microfiber cloth that comes with it)

    Storage and Connectivity- One of the biggest selling points was the storage space. 32gb of onboard memory PLUS it has a micro-sd card slot for expansion. This thing can become an entertainment powerhouse. It has a micro-hdmi out so you can connect to TVs or projectors. This means you can watch Netflix and other movies on a bigger screen if you'd prefer. You won't have to buy a proprietary cables just to connect. Of course, the big sell is the laptop dock accessory. I personally don't need it but its a great option if you want a netbook like experience. Oh yeah, you can also use PS3 or USB gaming controllers with this to play games!

    Battery Life- So I haven't done an "official" battery test but in my usage so far I easily get a couple days out of this tablet. It obviously depends on what the settings are (i.e. screen brightness, power mode) but trust me when I say that if you go on a long trip with this thing you'll be good to go with juice to spare.

    Ice Cream Sandwich- This may not matter in a month or two but it is currently one of a select few devices that has the latest operating system of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. I won't get into all the details of what ICS is but I can say that it is user friendly and has loads of potential.

    Side notes:
    Ok, so a lot of people may have heard about certain users having issues with WIFI and/or GPS. On my end, I haven't had a single issue with WIFI. The signal is always strong even at a good distance away from the router. I think this just may be an isolated issue with some of the devices. I don't think this is indicative of all the tablets. I haven't used the GPS much but I can guess that the all-aluminum backing has something to do with the issues its having catching signals from satellites. Honestly though, it's ridiculous to use this as a standalone GPS device.

    As a heads-up, this tablet is currently (as of 2/21) extremely hard to come by. It is sold out at most, if not all retailers. I'm sure ASUS will eventually be able to keep up with demand but be warned that you may not be able to get one for a while. This obviously is a result of the shortsightedness of ASUS and should bear no negative reflection on the tablet itself.

    The Verdict:
    So is this worth $499.99 of your hard earned money? If you're looking for the best tablet available then the answer is a definitive YES. It's certainly worth more for your money than ANY tablet at and around its price.
  • Paul Kimelman - Excellent range, good sound, call-blocking feature is greatGot these to replace an older set whose batteries were all failing. Cost of new batteries was more than a new system.
    Selected this set in part due to the call-blocking feature. This allows you to save annoying caller numbers to be blocked if they call again. You can have it not ring on the 1st ring so it never rings if these people call (caller ID is picked up after 1st ring). This has reduced telemarketing calls dramatically (and we are on the federal list - it has not helped).
    Most features can be set only once and they propagate to all of the handsets, which is good.
    Note that you have to manually turn off "audible caller ID" where it says the name out loud. I do not like this feature and so had to turn off on each handset.
    Answering machine works well and is easy to use. The listen mode is interesting: you can listen while someone leaves the message from the handset and pick up if you want. Like you would use if "screening" from the base but this can be done from the handsets too (when not near the base).
    The sound quality and range is very good with these. They adjust their power based on distance and this works even if walking around.
    These are easy to carry around - the shape is comfortable to hold.
    The only negative is that you cannot get a normal ringer sound - all of them are musical types but the "two tone" one works OK for me.
  • Denise Bentley "Kelsana" - A memorable trio of possible romance.Things are heating up with Ranger, and Joe is standing by ready for action. Life keeps getting in the way of Stephanie's love life. Her first FTA (failure to appear) is a Midget that has decided to take up residence in her household, after our female bounty hunter has delivered him to reschedule his court date. A nasty little fiend, he adds to the story like all of Evanovich's ancillary characters do. Preposterous and silly at times they will keep you laughing.The bounty hunter buisness is slow so Stephanie goes to work for Ranger to pick up a bit of extra money on the side. She finds herself parking her whale of a Buick and driving, first a Porsche and then a BMW, both "company cars" are headed for an early demise, but then you knew that didn't you. The fun never ends and every page is better than the next. If you are lucky enough to listen to the CD version of the book there is a telling interview with the author at the end. Rex the hamster is safe in future episodes, and Stephanie has a lot more cars to blow up. Kelsana 3/17/02
  • Method2Madness "Alex" - A very thorough and helpful book.DISCLAIMER: Although this was given to me through Vine to review, unlike other questionable "reviewers", I actually take the time to USE the product or READ the book. So whatever score/review the product gets, it's absolutely earned. At no time is a product given a particular review or rating simply because I fear loosing Vine status. That's not how the Vine program operates.

    Anyhoo, onto the review:

    First off, this book is quite thick and has a TON of useful information. It reads pretty much exactly like a classroom-book, which makes sense, as that's exactly what it is. Even down to "homework" you must do. I read the whole thing first just to get an idea of the instruction contained within, and then started on the "homework" assignments after and I'm actually quite impressed what I was able to learn in such a short time. The book does assume (a safe assumption) that you know a little more than the basic computer user and are at least somewhat familiar with Autodesk products, but is still quite easy to follow.