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  • 2 Dogs No Cats - Better than vitaminsMy sister who is a homeopathic physician told me about Juice Plus 10 years ago and at the time I was on 15 different pills a day from a biochemist who is very well known in Miami. I think he is great but I was spending a small fortune and although I was a little better I wasn't at what I felt should be optimum health especially from all these vitamins I was taking. After 4 months on juice plus everything got better, my energy, my mental alertness and focus, I became more regular, better digestion, sleeping and waking up better. I had a lot of issues and this seriously made some drastic positive changes. It's funny, because people think this is a miracle drug or cure and it's not. It's simply like they said, the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. What don't people understand? The fruits or the vegetables? I actually found myself craving more fruits and vegetables and it's been 10 years since I started and haven't had any major colds or flu for that matter. Whey would I stop taking it? The only other thing I've taken is a Vitamin D, nothing else in 10 years and I've had perfect health, thank God. I just turned 47!

    I also looked at all of the studies and saw all the universities all over the world who did these studies, seriously, they can't all be lying that juice plus is good. At this point, if there was something wrong with this product or if it was a scam one of these universities would have published it by now. The good thing is that juice plus does not even claim to heal or prevent disease. I've gone to some of their educational events around town and they've never pushed or sold the product, it was all about educating people on whole food nutrition and how food works for good and bad in your body.

    If you're looking for a quick fix, a miracle drug, a scam, or a pyramid, don't look here, go somewhere else. Also, take the time to learn about whole food nutrition and then you'll understand the value of adding juice plus to your diet. That's what I did.
  • RoseMarie - Align Digestive Care Probiotic SupplementOn the recommendation of my gastroentrologist, I started taking Align daily about a year ago to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Since then, I feel like a new person! This product has greatly improved my digestive process and eliminates gas and bloating. I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome or digestive issues. For me, it took about 2-3 days to see the first signs of improvement. Keep in mind, you need to take this supplement every day as it does not 'build up' in your system. I also couple the supplement with one dose of Benefiber. Benefiber recommends 2 to 3 doses a day, I found I only need one when I take it with Align. It's really fantastic, certainly worth trying.
  • Joseph Plumb Martin "Over age in grade" - Be true to your teeth or they will be false to youI did not purchase my hydrofloss from amazon.. As well as i can remember i bought it from some discount store in miami, florida, about 20 years ago.. its been around so long and working still though i must admit to long periods of not using it, just letting it gather dust under the sink.. (pretty dumb, huh?!)

    SO, i mentioned it to my dentist as he was working on two new crowns and the guy brightened up and said i should use it every 12 hours with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for each 600 ML of water..
    (i HAD been using it sporadically since a cheaper water pik died after about 6 months of use)

    the long and short of it is this hydro-floss is OLD and still working fine and will now get constant use again with as simple a formula as the peroxide and warm water set to medium or lower pressure whish, my dentist assured me, will kill all the germs in my mouth..

    better than more crowns.. :-)
  • Elaine LaJoie - If you are hopelessly depressed because you can't create...this book may help you out of the creative pits. At least, it did for me. This isn't a book just to read: each week has assigned tasks, and there are daily journaling (Morning Pages) and weekly Artist's Dates. Be prepared to spend a few hours a week just working on the book.Julia Cameron writes this self help book as a 12 step process, which means she spends a great deal of time focussing on the spiritual aspects of ourselves and our creativity. I was an atheist when I first read the book, so some of this was hard to swallow, but at the same time I was so depressed I went ahead and worked through all her suggestions anyway.And, I was a changed woman afterwards! If you are already happily creative but wondering which direction to move into, I suggest her next book, The Vein of Gold, which focusses on niche, rather than the Artist's Way, which focusses on overcoming emotional blocks.