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  • LRouge - We get one every year!I noticed that some customers did not get a binding. Mine came with a spiral binding... I think there are two listings for this calendar with either no binding or spiral but it does not say which it is anywhere on the page.

    This Calendar is SWEET. My favorite parts are the easy to jot in calendar and the monthly lunar calendar in the back. The artistry and other contributions are sublime. I sometimes read the whole thing when I get it for Solstice, then just let it sink in all year....
  • - You can regain your healthI've suffered from UC for many years. I've been on high doses of Pred (80mg) and my disease kept getting worse. I was faced with going on Cyclosporaine or having surgery. I decided to try this died as a last ditch effort even though my doctor swore that UC has nothing to do with diet. Well, he was wrong. My results were immediate. I've been on the diet for 7 weeks now. I stopped bleeding on the 4th day. I usually go to the bathroom once or twice a day. I'm not 100% yet but I'm getting there. I feel so health on this diet. I implore anyone with UC/CD to try this diet. The diet may not always be easy but it beats UC. When my symptoms are totally gone, I will stay on the diet.
  • hawkeye - Protect yourselfI've been using Norton antivirus forever, it seems like, and I've never had any complaints. I've always felt secure.
    However, a hacker got through all my defenses recently, shut down my laptop, and, if that wasn't bad enough, demanded money to restore it.
    I called the police.
    A cop came by, picked up my laptop, restored it for me himself, and assured me the hacker was identified and shut down.
    But most of these hackers ---or so I've heard---are in Iran, China, or Russia, aren't they?.
    So what can I do to protect myself, my online identity and personal information? What can any of us do?
    Computers don't come cheap and I've spent too much money on mine to settle for anything but the best protection for it, so I'm renewing my subscription with Norton. I'm going with the product I know best. Adversaries are all over the place, I've learned, and I can't go through this again.
  • NYReader - VERY, VERY ImpressedI had a mole on my arm that I was thinking about having surgically removed. In researching mole removal on the internet, I found Dermatend. I was skeptical but figured I had nothing to lose because the money-back guarantee is so strong and I could buy it through Amazon with a credit card. I received it a few days after ordering and followed the instructions exactly. Within three days the mole turned into a scab. About a week or so from that point, the scab came off and you'd never know a mole had been there. There is some very minor scarring that looks like it will heal but my skin is perfectly smooth and I'm sure it's far less of a scar than there would have been from surgery. Bottom line is that this stuff is amazing!!! I have no connection with the company except that I'm a very impressed customer.
  • Ruslan Moskalenko "Ruslan Moskalenko" - Fantastic work ... Let me explain why this book is totally amazingI happened to grew up in Soviet Union and actually met some of the people mentioned in this book ...

    This book is totally mind blowing ... It's unbelievable how a foreigner who doesn't even speak Russian could capture the spirit of that time with the littlest details and at the same time summarize the grandest historic forces shaping up the superpowers of the XX century.

    The book shows what people of that time were thinking about, how they lived their daily lives, but it also goes very deep into exposing the fundamental conflicts of the non market economy.

    I've read a lot about Soviet Union, both in Russian and English, and most of the Russian books have strong prejudgement and they are either showing socialism in a very positive or a very negative light. The English sources might be more or less objective, but their lack of understanding of the culture sometimes make them simply laughable.

    Mr. Spufford managed to keep his point of view very objective and filled the book with the finest very authentic details.

    So if you want to learn about life in Soviet Union in 1950s-1970s, understand how that Superpower was ruled and what socialism was about and why it ultimately lost the historic race - I can't think of any better single source.

    Just one more note. This books is a peculiar mixture of some very accurately presented historic facts with some fiction and they are blended together so it might be not clear which is which. The author is not trying to distort your perception, it's actually opposite, by filling in some fictional details, he is giving you a better idea of what it was, just like some careful restoration can give you a better idea of what the artist intention was. However, you should be careful if you want to quote names or facts - not everything is real. To be fair, the author did a great job of providing references and clearly stating what is real and what is not.

    Overall, it's an amazing amazing work! Taking my hat off...