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  • Alan Cooper - Insightful story of an elongated Train WreckI loved this book. I bought the first one on a whim and found it to be incredibly interesting and insightful. Obviously reading about a train wreck is interesting, but knowing that he is surviving now to write about it makes the book all the better. I never listened to Howard Stern so everything in the book was new to me, but Artie explains it well and bears no ill will toward his former employer or his assistant "Teddy." I recommend you buy the first book "Too Fat to Fish" and follow up with "Crash and Burn"
  • S. Rice "Teacher" - Tons better!I suffer from IBS with constipation and HUGE amounts of gas that I couldn't control. I can laugh off a lot but I was getting really distressed as time went on. My doctor advised me to try Align. I had tried yogurt and other probiotics and they worked for awhile and then stopped working. This has helped TONS! I am pretty much regular and don't get near the amount of gas I once did....and I can hold it in! I highly recommend trying this.
  • stacy - This is the best invention ever!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so excited. I was chewing ice and broke my tooth. It held up for awhile and on Monday it broke completely, and of course being a woman in her forties with a full mouth of teeth I was devastated. I didn't want to tell my husband so I hid the area this week and found a tooth filler. I was hunting online for a solution and found the website for Temptooth,and because the price was so good I decided to try it. I was expecting something complicated, but it's not. This is a simple kit for a person who doesn't have the skill to mold and create with their hands, and hate to read long directions. It was quick and easy and I have a tooth that looks so real I can't tell the difference. Oh, the kit was delivered in a few days, by Friday, and the tooth broke on Monday, and I'm happy again and can smile. TRY THIS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more thing that I found helpful when I made my third tooth. When I was molding the shape I took my fingernail and made a line to divide the tooth like my real teeth and it looks more realistic. I can't tell the difference. I also recommend using the tea, it matches your teeth better unless you just had your teeth professionally cleaned.