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  • Selena Huminsky - Great strollerWe ordered this as a replacement for our double city micro that we didn't need anymore. The recline feature is easy to use and has a good angle to it. The basket is a great size and is easily accessible, my 3.5 year old fit 3 packs of Costco diapers in it and 2 packages of baby wipes- no joke. The mechanism to fold it is a little tricky at first, push one down, pull one up, but after you figure it out it's REALLY nice. No little fingers will get pinched if they try to open it themselves- because they can't. I really like that it has a handle built in and automatically latches when you close it, to open it just set the legs against something, lift the latch and push down the folding mechanism on the back- Not quite a one hand job, but it's super easy, especially if you prop the legs on something so you can move the latch easier. The canopy is wonderful, and I love the extended flap in the front and that it can be pushed in or pulled out.
    I've seen on some reviews that the seat is small, I thought so too at first, because my 13 month old would scoot forward and it seemed that he was sliding off, but I adjusted the waist straps and that prevents him from scooting forward and gives him ample space to sit. He's 85-91% for height and weight and he fits quite comfortably. My 3.5 year old is comfortable in it too. What I really love is that the front of the seat is extended down and padded, so the seat doesn't dig into the back of his knees. While it's not as easy to steer one handed as a stroller with a U-shaped bar it can be done. It's a LOT easier to push if there is some weight in the stroller as well, so if your kid wants to walk, put your purse or something in it to give it some resistance. This stroller is very sturdy and the brakes are great too.
    The color is vibrant and reminds me of cornflower blue, but not quite as dark as the picture depicts. The little zipper in the back of the canopy is nice too.
  • devildoglvr - Tingles No MoreI received Orajel Cold Sore Single Dose from smiley360. My daughter and husband constantly suffer from cold sores during the winter time. I tried it on my daughter and in the 2 doses that I applied the cold sore was gone.
  • natalie jay - Political statement and consumer need serendipitously coincideI purchased these shoes after I saw Wendy Davis standing on her feet and talking for about 11 hours. It so happened that I needed new running/walking shoes at this time. Lo and behold, they are wondrous shoes (like Wendy) and the most comfortable I have had. Was not sure these would work because I overpronate but they are supportive in all ways. As a bonus, I get many compliments and thus a chance to tell the story of the red shoes.