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  • Jamie A. Allen "Piano Player" - Very touching.What a strong girl. I live in Utah and remember the kidnapping, the searching and the return of Elizabeth. It was interesting to hear the other side of the story. I remember her mom and dad never giving up on her. I remember all the prayers in her behalf. I am so sorry for the sexual, physical and mental abuse that she had to go through but what an amazing woman she has become. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your story of hope and survival.
  • Kimmy Sue - Made such a difference!I'm apparently one of the "silly" ladies who loves this product as per a previous comment from a clearly ignorant review. This has made such a difference for me. I used to get horrible irritation and discomfort after my period and after sex and I found out that it could be a result of a ph imbalance so I gave this a try after my doctor suggested it. I use it right after my period or sex and it totally solved my problem. My husband is much happier now that we don't have to wait days between due to my issues! I highly recommend it.
  • Boulder Nana - Great ItemWe purchased this product to get our six month old Great Granddaughter off the floor in her car seat and up at the table to be part of the family at dinner time. It is very well made-looks great if you decide to leave it up. But it is really not made for feeding a baby at the home dinner table as babies can be messy. For this reason we purchased the standard high chair. This prodcut is really meant for when you go out to dinner. There is a build it carry case and very easy to set up. If you are a on the go family this product is a must and worth the money.