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  • J. Greenhill - Wondering about this and the Tokina 11-16? Let me help.At this point you're probably thinking I love photography, but am I ready to spend ~$800 on a wide angle lens? That's a tough question! Maybe I can help you out with your decision. As a rule of thumb, I always recommend investing in good glass. Bodies are always changing- better sensors, ISO performance and increased functionality. Lenses, on the other hand, are more constant. They are arguably the most important factor with regards to hardware.

    Cliffnotes: There are two main reasons I prefer the canon 10-22 over the Tokina 11-16.

    1. More reach. I find the 10-22 is more versatile with the effective focal range of 16-35mm on a full frame body. The Tokina shoots more like a prime. It's effective focal range is 17.6mm - 25.6mm. This gives me more flexibility.

    2. Creativity: At 10mm on the canon I can get a good bit of distortion. This makes for really fun shooting! I haven't found this to be the case on the 11mm end of the Tokina.

    Backstory: I first bought the 10-22 used in 2007. I had read great reviews about it, and loved the images I saw taken with it. I didn't know if I really loved shooting wide angle shots, but I was determined to make that leap. I remember thinking this lens costs as much as my xti body did, and that was a pretty big pill to swallow at that time. To make a long story short, I ended up loving the lens. It really opened up my mind to creative shooting. Prior to buying it, I only had a 50mm 1.8 which was the equivalent of shooting 85mm consistently on a crop body. I feel that it's important to start off with a prime as it makes you understand composition. The 10-22 was my natural progression to a different focal range.

    Sadly, I ended up selling the 10-22 when I decided to upgrade to the 5d2, as ef-s lenses don't work with full frame bodies. I was in a rush at the time and ended up losing a little when selling the 10-22, maybe $75 dollars. This doesn't usually happen, but I was in a crunch. I replaced the 10-22 with the 17-40L, my wide angle choice. Fast forward to today, I've owned the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 for almost a year, using it on a 7d. I just haven't loved it. Sure, optically it's probably as good if not slightly ahead of the 10-22 from what I remember (it's been 3 years ). It has more glass, ~14oz (Canon) vs. ~20oz (Tokina) and also has a slightly better build quality. It's faster at F/2.8 vs. F/3.5-4.5 and has a consistent aperture which I do love. I haven't noticed a much difference with CA or Vignetting, neither seem to suffer much there or anywhere optically in my opinion.

    Verdict: Recently I was remembering how much I loved the lens. I even contacted the person I sold my copy to. I found someone to trade locally- their 10-22 for my 11-16. I just don't use or love the Tokina enough to keep it around, and that's just my preference. I'm hoping by moving back to the lens I love, that I will be stimulated again. Based on my rough calculations, I'm spending about $200 on top of what I paid for the Tokina and selling the 10-22 years back at a slight loss. I miss it that much!

    Hopefully this helps with your decision making and I can save you some time upfront.
  • Morrigan Cider - This book saved my life!I have been suffering from Crohn's Disease since I was thirteen years old, that is, until two years ago. I followed the diet as detailed in the book and was amazed at the results. My only regret is that I did not try this diet sooner. It wasn't because I wasn't willing -I just wasn't informed that there was a better alternative to a life filled with semi-effective drugs with powerful side effects, bouts of agonizing pain, and bowel disfunction.I am *very* angry at every doctor who told me diet has no effect on Crohn's Disease. Elaine's scientific approach blows this myth out of the water. The only two question remain: 1) Why don't our doctors use this treatment before prescribing dangerous medications? 2) Why has the medical community ignored decades of science supporting this diet?Two years after folloing the diet, I am drug free, symptom free, and running 5 miles/day. Thank you Elaine, you saved my life.