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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: North York, Ontario

  • Mad Dog "maddog6969" - Please Record Your Next Live Disc at Red Rocks.OK, I just had to get that title out of the way. I wish I'd been at Cleveland to see this show. It's a great set. The only Rush Shows I've seen lately have been at Red Rocks, so Snakes and Arrows twice and Time Machine twice. If you're a Rush fan and you haven't heard the audience recordings of the Time Machine shows at Red Rocks, you're missing out on some treats. I've read the critical comments by other reviewers here and I see it differently. Great performance, great A/V. Is it like a studio recording? Of course not! Rush has processes they use when writing that can give a certain snap-shot view of a song that very well might have progressed by the time it gets to your local venue. During the Time Machine tour, you could hear it by listening to Caravan from the studio with what it had become by the time they reached Denver. It was alive! You simply have to see Rush live - and often. People have been reported to behave inappropriately if deprived of their Rush fix. Get this and laugh a little, smile a lot. It's an awesome set.
  • Geo "Real Music Lover" - Funny Man, a life like a jazz tune!Respect, respect, respect! You'll come away with it. At the same time schedule a doctors appointment before you read this as you will have a mysterious pain in your side by the end of the book- from laughter---Enjoy-I did!