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  • Kalint - Loved this book!Wonderful, great dialogue riveting characters, moving story. What a movie it would make. Really !! Just the thought of the pitch makes me smile.
    A winner. Will be reading this author's other work. Love the lingo and the back & forth.
    Not a deep, dark tale, but a real story with pathos and genuine moments of just living life.
  • M-K-J "M-K-J" - Tough to follow...but I believe it worksI've read this book twice. I followed it as close as I possibly could. I evidently wasn't totally committed because I went back to my old ways. I tried it again later. I did see much improvement in my skin & I lost 35 pounds also (a major plus). Then, on 3-17-08, I read Dr. Peter Gott's column. He always provides "natural" cures to problems. Try rubbing banana skins on your skin?? What? Yes, the inside of the banana skin! After two days (applying morning only), my skin is almost clear on my hands..a place that I couldn't cover up & I was always very embarrassed about. Sounds strange, I know. And I am almost in disbelief...something as common as bananas. I eat them every week..almost daily. I've just never rubbed them on my skin. It supposedly has something to do with the fatty acids in banana skins. Go figure! Here's the article from Dr. Gott's column dated 3-17-08: Question: I have used several of your home remedies with success. The "drunken raisin" for gout, the soap under the sheets for leg cramps, castor oil for arthritis and more. My husband thought I had finally "gone off the deep end" when I went after him with a handful of banana peels. We had been using a prescription medication on his psoriasis every day for more than two years. It has had very little effect. I rubbed the inside of the banana peels on the affected patches (his head, neck, face and back) once a day. After three days, the psoriasis had nearly cleared up (about 90 percent was gone). My husband now uses the peels once a week to keep his skin clear. Thank you, from both of us, for passing along all these helpful hints.
    Answer: Other readers have had marvelous success treating their psoriasis with the banana-peel therapy. It is cheap, easy, safe and -- apparently --effective. For those unfamiliar with this therapy, all you do is rub the inside of the banana peel on the affected patches of skin once a day. Remember not to waste the banana. It is nutritious and delicious. End of column.
    If you suffer from Psoriasis like I have, try rubbing the banana peel on your skin. What do you have to lose. Bananas are cheap & you were going to throw away the peeling anyway, right? I don't know longterm how this will work for me, only time will tell. In the meantime, I try to eat right and I've begun to exercise. It all plays a part in your overall health. Blessings to you all!