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  • Douglas Karr "The Marketing Technology Blog" - A Prediction from the Age of ContextI like to think of myself as a competent technologist. I read about the new technological gadgets and software and my head begins to swim about the opportunities. My clients look to me to seek out new technologies that can improve their business results. I'm no futurist, but I do see potential when it's there. When Google Glass hit the market, I was blank. I simply couldn't see the opportunity that everyone, including Scoble, was buzzing about. It seemed like the next bluetooth headset to me... I was caught up into the style of outwardly wearing glasses with sensors and a computer rather than understanding where we were heading. When the 'switch' turned on in my head - I started eating up the book. Of course, "Google Glass" is simply one example in the book of the upcoming technological revolution.

    One of the most important books I ever read was Naked Conversations because it opened my eyes as a marketer to what could be next. What I love about Shel and Robert's last book that continues with this one is that they aren't predicting the future, they're describing the potential and making us understand the personal and global impact it could have to the way we work and play. This book is every bit as important and it's got me totally rethinking my business and how the "context" of the interaction with our mobile devices, our cars, and our future technology will impact my clients and their customers.

    I do have one prediction after reading this book. This is going to be the most important book you read in the next year.
  • bargain shopper - A breath of fresh airAt last something that really works! I bought it not only for myself but for my daughter. She has bad breath problems, yet her teeth and gums are perfect. I knew it was coming from the back of the throat because you could really smell it when she whispered, so I would especially notice it Sunday mornings in church. I knew she had just brushed a half hour earlier, yet there was still odor. When she uses this, her breath is perfect! As some reviewers have stated, you're not going to use this and feel like you've used some strong, minty breath freshener. This truly cleans your throat and doesn't just mask odor.

    I find that using a capful is too much for me as it does bubble up quickly once you start gargling. Half a cap seems to be just fine for me. I have one of these in every bathroom. It is more expensive, but worth every penny. I have found it at Target for a cheaper price, but it was on clearance. I don't know if they still sell it. Amazon's price is definitely cheaper than the pharmacies I've tried.
  • Cecilia - Common SenseJudging from the reviews, I see that people don't realize just how different people's skin can be. Like any skin product, this can be hit or miss. In my personal experience, this product is absolutely wonderful. In my best friend's personal experience, this product did NOTHING to help her deplorable skin situation. My advise is to go to a dermatologist's office, make an appointment to the aesthetician, and have her do Zeno tests on you skin. That way, you can determine how well your skin will react to the product. Be informed consumers! Don't buy this unless you have previewed it and are certain it will work for you. Otherwise, it's just money wasted. A lot of money wasted. I hope this helps you guys!