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  • Adam Mang - Greatest thing everMy friends and I gave this to our coworker and his wife for their wedding. The loved it so much that they brought it on their honeymoon. They flew it first class to Jamaica!! That's incredible considering they sat back in coach. This is a must buy for any decent human being. Your bananas deserve the best. Why settle for less?
  • Alexandria B. - love it buy it!!I loved my kindle fire! I gave it to my 9 y/o niece because she loved it too! that was so hard to do I mean you can use this tablet for everything and it is very user friendly. I want another one. It is definitely worth every penny!
  • JasminParsian - Immediate Results!Amazing advice every girl should read! Especially teenagers. I would like to get another copy for my younger cousin (age 15). She needs to know the ins and outs of dating before going out there and possibly attracting the wrong guys! The easy to use tools/advice that Matt shares will give her a big advantage in her dating future. A must read!
  • Keiki Hendrix "The Vessel Project" - Review of Mcafee Internet Security 2012 - 3 UsersI've used McAfee Internet Security for my personal computers for five years. I've always been satisfied with the result. This product is the 2012 Security Software and proved to be, as in the years before, easily installed and activated.

    McAfee provide more than what the average user may want to know about internet protection like extensive information on the latest viruses. The program runs quietly in the background running scheduled scans as well as requested scans of programs and sites.

    I highly recommend McAfee for your internet protection.
  • Richard D Spano - a contemporary and detailed continuation of the "Making of the President" literary traditionHalperin and Heilemann repeat the tension and suspense of "Game Change" in "Double Down" by filling their narrative of events with the deep background detail that describes for the reader their take on events we all witnessed, intertwining relationships that the citizen follower of a National Election might not even know of, let alone understand, and by doing so brilliantly, shining a light on the immense and infinite layers of our political system of choice, all while creating a narrative impossible to put down, even though the reader picks it up already knowing the ending....a thoroughly enjoyable read, regardless of ones political leanings and beliefs.