Medikidz comic books educate children about medicine - Medikidz is a global initiative set up by doctors to explain medical information to children. The Medikidz superheroes are used to explain medical conditions, investigations, diagnoses, medicines and surgical procedures to children - in a way that they can understand.

Country: North America, US, United States

  • Daniel Cohn - Excellent lightweight and sturdy strollerAfter having extensively used five other strollers, we have finally found *it*. The B-Agile is so light you can hardly believe you are pushing it, and very easy to steer. Also very simple to fold and to carry when folded.
    Since we already had a car seat from our previous stroller, we decided not to buy the car seat (aka travel system) or the adapter, and it turned out to be a good money-saving decision. The baby goes very comfortably in the stroller without the car seat and it keeps the stroller even lighter. In any event we don't often transfer the baby from the car to the stroller, and when we used to do it with the compatible car seat and stroller, the baby woke up in the process most of the time.
    If we have to name a disadvantage it would be the lack of space at the bottom storage. The storage compartment at the back are practical for storing small stuff, though.
  • bargain shopper - A breath of fresh airAt last something that really works! I bought it not only for myself but for my daughter. She has bad breath problems, yet her teeth and gums are perfect. I knew it was coming from the back of the throat because you could really smell it when she whispered, so I would especially notice it Sunday mornings in church. I knew she had just brushed a half hour earlier, yet there was still odor. When she uses this, her breath is perfect! As some reviewers have stated, you're not going to use this and feel like you've used some strong, minty breath freshener. This truly cleans your throat and doesn't just mask odor.

    I find that using a capful is too much for me as it does bubble up quickly once you start gargling. Half a cap seems to be just fine for me. I have one of these in every bathroom. It is more expensive, but worth every penny. I have found it at Target for a cheaper price, but it was on clearance. I don't know if they still sell it. Amazon's price is definitely cheaper than the pharmacies I've tried.
  • Laura Nemeth - Simple to useI bought this camera because I wanted a mix between a bulky digital SLR camera and a point and shoot. It is the perfect fit for me. I am a novice photographer and this camera has been very user friendly. I choose it after watching many youtube videos on different cameras. I really wanted to play with it before purchasing, but there are no stores where I live that carry cameras like this. I am very happy with my purchase. The touch screen to capture is a really fun feature. The auto focus works really well too. Before buying I did talk to a guy who had the camera, his only advice was that in bright sunlight the screen is very difficult to see. Because of this I did buy the electronic view finder. I have found it somewhat useful so far, but have not been with the camera in too bright of sun yet. I like that the viewfinder does not take the place of an external flash, since the camera has a built in flash.
  • Everything Classic Rock - worth the waithaving played D2 for hundreds of hours, I was nervous whether Blizzard would mess this up after so long. They didnt - and the auction house addition, using game gold, is fun. I dont understand though why "people" would use ACTUAL real currency to "buy" ingame items. People its only a game, anything more and you need a life.
  • Rebecca - Better than ProActiveI serendipitously found this product while I was trying to find the Proactiv website. I have had acne since I became a budding teenager. Throughout my life, I have tried antibiotics, Rx creams, Accutane, Proactiv and all OTC products. When I happened upon the Exposed website, I figured I had nothing to lose. I bought my first Basic Kit and began my life acne free. My face for the first week was a bit dry, adjusting to all 4 products. But by the month's end, I had clear skin that was finally healthy, smooth and soft. I love the Clearing Tonic. It balances my skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. The products are free from any overwhelming scents. I have stopped having to wear make-up as cover-up. I have had many people compliment me on my skin, telling me how lucky I am to have such 'nice' skin. Each time anyone does, I tell them about Exposed and what it has done for me. Having the membership (kits auto-shipped) every 60 days makes it effortless. The cost is equivalent, if not better than most of the high-end products available. I feel confident leaving the house fresh faced without make-up. I LOVE this product with all of the natural, yummy, good for your skin ingredients.