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  • A. Gurganus - The best make-up ever......for meThis make-up is perfect for me. I'm young, and don't have dry skin. For

    others this product might not be the I offer you this...


    First....Not good for dry or wrinkled skin...sorry. I tried my makeup on my mom(in her 50s) and it just didn't look right. If you have a pretty good number of wrinkles, sorry not gonna work.

    You must moisturize! If you don't moisturize you'll get dry skin. Which is good for me...good for the skin.


    ---Quick and Easy! You can literally put it on in seconds. You can touch up the spots you need to quick(under eye circles, blemishes)and brush over your face to make your complexion smoother.

    ---Fresh, not heavy, Doesn't feel or look like you have any makeup on. Awesome in that department.

    ---Leave it on at night?-Hell yeah! I like that if I forget to wash it off it's not a big deal. Which tells you it can be bad for you skin.

    ---Stays on well.

    It's great for me. I'm in the military and I don't want all the guys to know I'm wearing makeup but I want to be confident. I apply enough to even my skin tone and cover imperfections(me no!)Perfect! Bare Minerals Works great for me because it's so fast and easy not as messy as foundations. I was told about it by a friend and I would not go back to liquid foundation again. Hope I help someone make a good choice.
  • Uncle Bob - Essential knowledge for sufferers of bowel diseaseTwo months of no response to serious medications for ulcerative colitis and after two weeks of adhering to the diet outlined in this book my health improved dramatically.
  • Charles W. Long - This is an exceptionally fine book!At over 600 pages, this book wasn't long enough for me. I would have gladly read more. To enter the world of a Brahmin widow and the customs she must follow for the rest of her life gave me a look into that world. The story of Savikami and her family will stay with you. She raises her two children and then takes on the responsibility of her grandchildren as well. Her son Vairum doesn't believe in the traditions of his caste and the idea of marriages being arranged by horoscopes. He marries the woman he loves despite warnings and faces the consequences. We follow their lives , and the lives of his sister's children, through the years. The final confrontation between Sivakami and Vairum leaves the entire family stunned but unbroken. A wonderful story that you'll remember for a long time and wish you knew more about whether Vairum ever saw the hurt he inflicted on the entire family and especially his mother.
  • Dad2TheSeven - What it means to truly be "tough" in athletics and more importantly...lifeThis is a fantastic and moving look into the elements of toughness. I have long considered myself a "person" but I've never been able to articulate exactly what that means. Jay Bilas has done a wonderful outlining the key and primary attributes that can help all of us be better and tougher in our everyday lives. The best part of this is I believe it will make us better people as well. Thank you Jay for a marvelous book.
  • Steve Conklin - Works for MeI updated from Quicken that I had purchased a couple of years before, and before that I had a version from around 2008, before that I had a version from... so you get the point, I have had Quicken for many years. It was easy to update to the new version and it works like the old one. It did get rid of an annoying glitch. I had two bank cards from the same bank and for some reason they could not get the second bank card to update so I had to go logon to the bank and download the Quicken file once in awhile. That has now been fixed. I'm sure there are many new gadgets but I have not used them. It takes a very nice snapshot of everything that I have, and everything that I owe and tells me my networth, keeps track of all my accounts, let me see where all my money is going and that is about all that I use it for. It is a handy program and I back it up about once a month on an external hard drive. Losing the program and the files would be a huge mess, so the program is very important for keeping our financial records straight. Because of Quicken I gave up balancing my checkbook years ago, some find this shocking, I find it a relief.