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  • Kimble - Bring up the BodiesEagerly awaited the second in the Henry VIII saga. I originally found Wolf Hall difficult - Mantel's style of writing takes some following in order to know who is who and who is actually doing the speaking or indeed the thinking. Once you get to understand and appreciate her style then the two books are engagaing.

    If you are reading this as the second book (and you should) then I would recommend that you keep the cast of characters handy. In fact I would have thought that this should have been the first part of this book to assist the reader.

    Thoroughly recommend this - a great and absorbing read.
  • Maisey - Worth every penny!Exposed is fantastic! Im 25 years old and have been seeing a dermatologist for acne since the 3rd grade. I have tried EVERYTHING from prescription gels/creams to acutane to $500 worth of microderm abrasion with little results. I spent a lot of time researching acne treatments and this system came up rated the highest. I love that it has lots of natural ingredients. While it has not completely eliminated my acne it has made an infinitely greater difference than anything else I have ever tried. The lotion makes your skin really soft to. I recommend using a spot treatment as well like Murad's Acne Spot Treatment. You may also need an additional moisturizer in the winter time. While the product is expensive it is worth every penny to me to have clear skin.
  • NeBorn - I Love QuickenNow I have Quicken on my Smart Phone, on my Kindle Fire and on my desktop pc at home. I can enter transactions wherever I am and the sync function makes sure all the records are the same.Quicken allows you to download transactions, reconcile, and track where your money goes. Knowing where my money goes, makes it easier to make manage my money.
  • P. N. Biddle - Best damn gas grillI don't know about multiple versions of this grill, I just know what version I have. Mine has cast iron grates on top over corrugated perforated stainless steel infrared plates and the thermometers.

    I don't get the complaints about keeping this clean. Are you people cooking soup without a pot on it? We cook on it, leave it on high for ~ten minutes, shut it off and then brush both the grills and infrared plates with a ss wired welding brush before we cook the next time. It takes all of about 2 minutes. Y'all should stick with microwaves if that's "hard". Srsly.

    I've also heard people complain about thermometers being broken. The grill is incredibly efficient. If you run both burners past their lowest setting, it will go to 600 and stay there. It's not an electric oven.

    Lastly about rusting of the stand - ours is covered under a porch so I can't speak to how it does in direct rain, but we are in Seattle so it's extremely damp, and so far there is not rust I've found.

    Overall the version of this grill I own kicks ass and I wouldn't trade it for another at nearly any price.
  • Kindle user - New life for an old laptopI put the SSD in an old HP DV6000 laptop I got in 2007. The laptop had a SATA 1 drive in it. I used Acronis True Image to make a disk image to a USB drive, then popped out the old drive, popped in the new SSD, transferred the image to the new drive and it works flawlessly! Windows 7 loads much faster, everything runs faster and the laptop fan hardly ever comes on. Great upgrade.