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  • LadyJ - Quick and easyI was not juicing in the morning because it was time consuming to clean up the juicer afterwards. With the nutribullet it is quick and easy and only two pieces to wash. Also you do not have to throw away the fiber. It is powerful and DOES NOT heat up the juice. I am very happy with the investment. I strongly recommend it to those who want to juice every morning.
  • Kenneth J. Bochenek - QuickBooks 2011 hits the mark!As a physician and business overseer of the practice, I also have had the benefit of beta testing QuickBooks for many years. We jumped into QuickBooks Pro 2011 with both feet and were delighted with the results. Being in the practice of medicine for 25 years, we have used a few less complex but more costly softwares to run the business aspect of the practice, having to use a payroll service. Having used QuickBooks in other family businesses, I thought that QuickBooks might be a good fit and it was. We've now used Quickbooks Pro for about 5 years and as of Jan 2011 we will be upgrading our practice to the Enterprise System.

    Most impressive in this 2011 upgrade for us is the collections module. This allows our employees to work specifically on collections and when coupled with the ability to send invoices (easily modifiable to adding our logo) via e-mail, it allows our customers/patients to receive the invoice within minutes of speaking with our office staff. The agreement to pay remains fresh in memory as they receive an invoice with the added ability to pay online by using the attached "electonic payment" link on the invoices. I anticipate that this will increase not only convenience for our customers, but improve our collection rate with its promptness and simplicity. This is in contrast to waiting 4-7 days for a paper invoice using "snail mail". By the time a customer receives the paper invoice a week later, our bill is no longer important and they've spent the money on a TV, CDs or anything more personally gratifying to them. The "commissions" function also simplifies payment of employees working on full or part commission of their collections as well. No longer do we have to transfer percentages and amounts to spreadsheets to accurately reflect our employees' work. All in all I see this as a marked improvement in an already great software.
  • elizabeh - Excellent reference bookFerri is an excellent reference for class and clinical rotations. As an ANP student I am using this text as a referencewhen writing my clinical logs and case studies. It is easy to read as the format gives you etiology, epidemology, DDX, TX,and follow-up care. I believe this is a must have for students and providers.
  • DCCHEF "steve_esser" - Harris on the Right TrackSam Harris believes moral questions have factual answers, and the right target for moral concern is the maximization of human well-being. Furthermore, he says the substance of well-being consists in the qualities of conscious experience, and modern neuroscience is giving us the tools to assess conscious states: hence answering moral questions is properly within the domain of science.

    Harris endeavors early in the book to anticipate some objections. He acknowledges the extensive practical problems in pursuing a science of morality, but he insists there are answers in principle even if not always in practice. He also thinks there may be more than one way to maximize well-being -- multiple peaks on a "landscape". (Unfortunately much of the criticism I've seen ignores these caveats and thinks the many moral disagreements and dilemmas somehow negate the thesis.)

    He also argues against the idea that facts and values are in different domains: values are features of conscious states, and these are themselves natural facts. The lack of separation between facts and values may also supported by neuroscientific evidence, particularly studies of how we form beliefs.

    Because this is a book by Sam Harris, we also get plenty of pointed criticism of traditional religion. This time, however, it is coupled with indignation toward secular liberals who express various degrees of moral relativism or anti-realism. Some critics have said that he's targeting a straw man (because there aren't many relativists), but I think many secular thinkers do suffer from the fact that they can't clearly locate moral facts in either the natural world or, of course, in any supernatural realm.

    I think Harris is on the right track, although I do think he needs more than science to build his foundation: this is a philosophical project first and foremost - but one which gains from the prospect that our moral reasoning will be much more successful now that we can leverage modern scientific tools and techniques.

    I recommend the book because I think the argument Harris puts forth is one people should hear about and grapple with. One quibble: I felt it was padded with some off-topic material (some of which you'll enjoy if you liked his previous books).
  • HeatherRN "Heather & Stephen" - Our only choice 4 years running...Let me start by saying that like most people, I have previous history with both Norton and McAfee security solutions. Personally speaking, I felt that as soon as I installed either one of those brands on my computers (but especially Norton products) that my performance took an astonishing nose dive. It was as if the program had tentacles that reached into every single computer process and slowed everything from start-up to shut-down and everything in between. I cursed the day that I installed either one of these programs... and they both still let viruses, malware and worms through like a sieve. If this sounds familiar, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you switch to Kaspersky products post haste.

    Installation is easy and you get licenses for 3 computers. Best of all, you will see no performance degradation with this product. It runs silently in the background and has a simple user interface. I have never had a single problem with viruses, firewall issues, etc. I appreciate the fact that the options allow me greater control of its functions while my wife likes to set it up once and just let it do its own thing. The only drawback that I see in this particular version (Internet Security 2012) is that when performing an in depth system scan, it takes just short of forever if you've got a hard drive north of 500Gb. Although I have not experienced it first hand, Kaspersky has a version called "Pure" that can perform this scan much more efficiently. FYI, another ancillary benefit of using this product is that you can download the newest version once it becomes available all the while maintaining the original user license.

    NOTE: If buying this product, do not buy it as a download direct from as they charge over $65 for their 3 license version of this product. Get the physical product from Amazon for under $25. Same goes for when you need to renew your user license...a new three computer license costs $65 from to download/buy versus $25 or so from