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  • Carlos L Ramirez - My Play Station 4 ReviewI pre ordered the PS4 the moment Amazon had it for sale.

    Pros: As expected, this machine is flawless. Sony has improved this console in almost every aspect, from the internal CPU/GPU to the Controller. UI Software is great and fast and games boot up in 1 minute or less. Connectivity is great and although you now have to pay$50.00 a year for a playstation Plus membership (only Required for MULTIPLAYER Games - Everything else is FREE - Netflix, internet, Hulu, etc. etc.) it will pay off during the first couple of months. I've been a member of the PS+ service since a little after it's inception and I have downloaded more than 5 times it's price on free offerings (games, discounts and avatars).

    Cons: The initial Play Station-Network connection was a little rough due to all the new consumers trying to log in and entered their new credentials. Some people will find the lack of "Exclusive" titles a thing to be concerned, but as with Sony's track record, I can assure you games are going to star to come out non-stop.

    P.S. I also purchased a 1tb Solid State Hybrid drive for the PS4 and it works fantastically. I recommend this device for your PS4. -Hard drive is user replaceable.
  • Lucky Girl "Melissa" - We are absolute firm believers in this product.I have been meaning to write this review for quite awile now, and I'm finally getting around to it. I need to give you a little background on our trying to conceive, etc., before I rave about this product. I have very irregular cycles and very long cycles. My husband was tested, and his sperm did not meet the minimum requirements the testing would consider okay for his the sperm "swimming speed" and morphology. We were told that we "could" conceive, but the chances would be slim with both of us having issues with fertility. Our next step was going to be fertility drugs, etc. Since neither one of us wanted to use the fertility drugs if we didn't have to, we both thought we would give FertilAid for Men and Women a try. I had seen an ad for FertilAid in a magazine at my doctor's office. If the FertilAid didn't seem to help after a year, then we would try the fertility drugs. Up to the point of deciding to try FertilAid, we had been trying to conceive for three years with no luck. With each passing month and no pregnancy, it was getting very stressful and emotional. We ordered FertilAid for Men & Women. We both started to take the FertilAid. Within three months of taking FertilAid, we were PREGNANT!!!! We couldn't believe it. Sadly, though, at 12 weeks, we lost our baby. We were told that we could try again after three months. After the three-month waiting time, we took FertilAid again. After taking the FertilAid again for three more months and trying to conceive, we were PREGNANT! We were so very excited and scared at the same time. This time, all went well with the pregnancy; and we are the very, very proud parents of a wonderful little boy. Our son is now a year old. Like I said, I wanted to write this review for a while; and I'm finally getting to it. We plan on trying to have another baby, and we will definitely be using FertilAid again. We believe that without the help of FertilAid and God, we wouldn't have our beautiful son. When I was taking FertilAid, I could tell that my cycle was getting to be what would be considered normal, at least for me. As for my husband, the only way that we would know for sure that it was helping him is for him to get tested again to compare the test results from before and after taking FertilAid; but since we didn't have a good outlook before taking FertilAid and we had success after taking FertilAid, we believe it helped do what the product claims to do. We are looking forward to using FertilAid again and to have a wonderful new addition to our family. :)
  • AnneMarie - 5 toes up! Not just for toe shoes!You have to get used to having your toes separated, after all, they've spent all your life hanging out together! We bought these for our son to wear under his wool hiking socks. He is prone to blistering under and between his toes on long hikes. This solved the problem. They are hard wearing and lightweight.

    We prefer the darker colours as the fabric holds stains and never come clean, which just looks icky.