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  • T. Vaughan - Love my new Cafe LatteJust received my Cafe Latte. Glad I read the reviews. Info is right about the difficulty seeing the water marking line, and also right about once you find it, it's all good from there. I added the double water and the single amount of milk and it's perfect for me. More like a latte than au lait. It's a fun machine and super easy to use. With one of those long dishwashing sponges, it's very easy to clean without worry about wetting the wrong parts. So happy with it. Can't wait to try some new recipes.
  • J. Moore "Zombie Prep Network" - Lots of fun and very handyFor the price, this is an awesome sketching tool. You definitely need a tablet to use this. If you have a tablet, buying this software is a no-brainer.

    Start the thing up, and you are sketching immediately. The unique user interface tools take a short time to get used to, but they are well thought-out. There are tons of configurable drawing tools to keep things interesting.

    If you do any kind of drawing or sketching and want to try out computer art - this is a great first buy. The tools may also be well suited for professionals. I am not a pro, but some of the sample artwork I've seen with this software is really good.
  • Mary Martino - Land of the Free?Wonderful book. Clear, compassionate, well told. I think the biggest thing I came away from this book with was an unfolding realization that MY America is not necessarily the same as YOUR America. For example: I assume if I am caught speeding I will get a ticket, but not be delayed in my travels while the police research the possibility of my being a terrorist. If, while at the airport, I forget to throw away my bottle of water it will be discarded, but I will not be detained on suspicion of being a terrorist. If I write this review and people disagree with me or it makes people mad, I expect they will think disdainfully of me, but not suspect I am a terrorist. I have assumed my whole life that my rights and freedoms are possessed by all Americans. This book, Zeitoun, showed me in a stark way that they are not. They should be. In my opinion it is time for Americans to realize this and act accordingly before we become terrorists acting in the very ways we say we loathe. Zeitoun's courage and dignity and Kathy's love and support gives me an example to strive toward. I am proud to have them as fellow countrymen and I'm very glad I came across and read their story.