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  • Re-Du - Recommended!!Like many other reviewers, I recently bought a Dyson DC40 Animal vacuum at Costco for an incredible deal. After some light assembly, I couldn't wait to use it on my carpets. We have three cats, so there is always a lot of hair to pick up.

    My initial thought after assembling the vacuum was that it felt a little cheap because of all the lightweight plastic. First impressions are not always correct! Although this vacuum is very lightweight and may not feel expensive, it is an amazing little machine!

    Immediately after vacuuming my carpets, I noticed that the carpets actually LOOKED cleaner than before. I have a few worn spots where heavy traffic had trampled the carpet and the carpet looked dull. After passing the Dyson over these areas, the carpet appeared combed and shinier after passing the Dyson over that area.

    The bagless dirt bin is extremely easy to detach and empty into the trash. After initial inspection of the dirt bin, I was a little disappointed that it didn't seem to pick up more fur than my other vacuum. It seemed like my cheap Hoover had picked up more fur than the Dyson had. I soon realized that the big difference between the cheaper vacuum and the Dyson was that the Dyson actually removes dirt and dust from the carpet and DOES NOT release it back into the air like my cheaper vacuum does. This is why the carpet is actually a lot cleaner after using the Dyson. I've been using the Dyson 3 times a week for the last month and my carpets have never looked better! As an added bonus, I no longer wake up with dry sinuses and congestion due to inhaling dust, cat dander, or any other air pollutants that had been spread around by my other vacuum. The Dyson actually has helped me keep a cleaner house than I ever could before!

    Another reason why I love this vacuum is the ease of use with the attachments. Seriously, the hose storage is GENIUS and so much better than conventional curved hoses. Although one of the attachments (turbo pet hair brush) does not have a place to stay on the vacuum itself, we store it in the flip-top tube when not in use so it's always with the vacuum. If I were to change anything about this vacuum, that would be it. But overall, it's so minor of a detail that I cannot rate this vacuum any lower than 5 stars, due to it's superior dirt and dust removal, lightweight frame, ease of use, innovative design, and strong reputation backed with a 5 year warranty.

    You truly get what you pay for with this product!
  • Mike Sora - biggest potential in the device just need patience until the right one comeUPDATE 10 JUNE - 2012

    on march as soon as i've asked for a replace, amazon send me new tblet as soon as they get them in stock, this new one change my first rate from 1 star to 5, this is what i asked for, a real tablet with no bugs or things like that, it works flawesly, no more hdmi problems, browser works great, no more gyroscope issues or sensors working randomly, right now this baby is a huge mate, i carry this prime with me everywhere, i've use this tablet for 2 days as music player without connect to a energy source, as AC charger uses a pin/usb conector, i buyd a female/female usb adapter to conect my gamepad, wifi gate is not an issue right now and ive received 1 gps extension from asus directly so if yu dock it, you can navigate in your country without any internet need

    UPDATE MARCH - 2012
    i've use the hdmi connector to use my prime on a TV and guess what, most games doesn't work properly, most of them fails to open when hdmi cable is connected, it's scarry, even movies stop working when connected to a TV, i've decided and asked amazon to a replace (would like to buy a new ipad but right now i'm with a keyboar dock station, and cover sleeve and leather case, if my new prime has some autorotate or sensors problem i definitely shoot myself


    I've been following detailed the launch of different tablets since motorola xoom on january\2010 until now, and when the prime was announced i fell in love and after 1 week of working with it i must say that i love it and i hate it, why? The overall is awesome, it's 110% fluid, no lag, perfect multitask, screen quality awesome but i hate it for just one simple reason (forget wifi and gps issue cuz this one is most important)

    Transformer prime has a critical issue, sensors works randomly so you wont have gyroscope, light sensor, proximity sensor, compass, gravity, orientation etc. My asus right out of the box had this issue, when i take it that day tried to play Riptide GP and guess what, never recognize movement with gyroscope, i have tried with hard reset, wipe and a lot of stuff and realized that in transformer forum (ths big one) there's lot of people with same problem and all of them had called to asus support with no success, others have receive a warranty replacement with no luck cuz new device has also same issue and the only solution right now is reboot device lot of times until you get sensos working properly (just for a little time then it stops working again)
  • skatanner - great productMy daughter received this for her birthday, and has barely put it down since (a month ago). She loves the princess cover and wallpaper on the leappad itself. The games are educational, while still being very fun. My only complaint is how quickly it eats batteries, but we have bought rechargeable ones that seem to be doing the trick
  • Michael D. Engles - Ceossroads 2013 Guitar Festival- a MUST HAVE Blu-Ray DVDThe Vince Gill,Keith Urban and Albert Lee rendition of the Stones Tumbling Dice is quite hot; impressive guitar runs by all three.
    Andy Fairweather Lowes version of Gin House is exceptional with Eric playing blistering licks; great pergormances by Gary Clark Jr...and a host of others...the show stoppers are a blistering white heat version of Sunshine Of Your Love with Eric playing with fire...letting the power released and High Time We Went with all the guitarists taking turns as Eric cannot quit grinning.
    A show for the ages... the Klipsch were cranking this one it LOUD.
  • bwschicago - always useful - highly recommendedthis classic job hunt and career choice how-to is my go-to gift for anyone thinking about changing jobs, careers or just trying to figure out their purpose in life. I give 1-5 of these out as gifts per year and re-read it myself in newer volumes every few years. Get yourself a copy now and do some of the suggested exercises. It will help.