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  • Karin Fuson - smells a little like LavenderI bought this to go with a waist cincher to maximize weight loss through sweating excess fluids in my waist. The first time I used it was pleasant, smelled good, easy to apply. I walked my mile, then stopped to get rid of some fluids...sweat dripped down the middle of my back into the toilet. I think this stuff is going to work. I've never sweat that much before just from walking.
  • Sylvia Croft - Great Book!What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where no doctor was available? This is a clearly written and well illustrated book that could help you figure out what is going on and what you can do about it.
  • Emma Lee "fryingsoul" - Excellent streaming media player at a great priceI got this player as a gift for my dad when he was visiting us. He used to watch TV dramas and movies on our small 13-in apple macbook and always complained about the screen size. We got this player and hooked it to our home entertainment system via HDMI. Now my dad can watch his favorite shows on our big LED TV. So far, he has been very thrilled about the product and told us several times that it is one of the best gifts he has received so far.
  • Crispy - Absolutely recommend. It's like getting a new laptop- seriously!This was like getting a whole new MacBook. My Mid-2009 MBP was getting a little long in the tooth and short on space. I was contemplating getting a new one, but didn't have the cash. So I opted for this. HUGE difference in startup and performance. Easy to swap out on my MBP, but I am very technical. I also put the old drive in the optical bay and removed that. Now I have three times the space and the OS is zippy zippy zippy. This will easily get me a couple more years out of my MBP. Well worth it. I also got these to finish the job: