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  • penname89 - weapon of warI don't eat bananas doctor told me to lay off the penis shaped foods ...ya know THE BEST KIND ....however ..I have found this thing to be a great defense weapon against flying bananas while playing fruit ninja !! I weild it in my left hand and every time a banana comes at me I scream GET SOME !!! then slice it into like 12 pieces and the bonus points are awesome's a little suggestion though ...make them fully customizable ..I mean I wanna be able to out a foregrip ,a muzzle brake , six position retractable stock , magwell grips , 45șiron sights ...ya know the works ..that way when the banana revolution comes along we are ready for them ...don't let congress know about these weapons of banana war we don't want them to be blamed in massive banana massacres instead of the irresponsible banana slicer weilding retards that are actually responsible ...they are not banana assault weapons they are banana defense weapons !! Oh and make them black also .....not just any black ...make them evil black ...
  • Mike K - The JJ Abrams Look...I got these frames in black and I'm definitely rocking the JJ.

    They are great looking frames. Classy and classic. If your one to look "neat" (i.e. clean cut hair, facial hair) these are great frames that accentuate the clean lines. The darker your hair, the better these will look on you. I have dark brown hair but can see that if I had darker hair, it would make the glasses pop just a bit more.

    Not to mention, all the rip-off drug store/gas station sunglasses are based on this design. Right down to the 2 little chrome diamonds on the corners. So you'll know and can show that you have the real deal Ray Bans.