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  • schizobovine - Fantastic, eye-opening bookI happened upon this book discreetly lying about in a good friend's library, almost as if she had hidden it just well enough for the casual observer to miss but obvious enough for the curious. And with such a provocative title, could one not be curious about this book?

    Preface: you must be open-minded to get the full benefit to this book. If a world where the word "slut" is not an insult, but a compliment, is inconceivable or impossibly distasteful, save your money.

    However, if you think sex can be a good thing, if the idea that heterosexual monogamy *isn't* the only option, then get this book (if you haven't read it already, of course). If I was asked what the most important books on sexuality would be for a library, this would be among them.

    Eaton & Hardy demystifying other relationship possibilities, taking the time to explain all the basics -- sex/gender aren't the same things, gender preference isn't a binary thing, and loving only a single other person forever isn't the only way. They present the various ways all of this fits together, and gave me a good understanding of the core concepts that underly sexual, romantic, and otherwise (for the Greek-knowning, erotic, filial, and agape) fulfilling relationships of all kinds. There's no magic here, but that's the beauty of it. Keep an open mind, defer your judgment, and *communicate*.

    They give a great discussion on jealous, how it fits in, and how to manage it. You'll be shocked to hear that the answer to that is *gasp* open & honest communication. ;)

    If nothing else, you'll finish reading and find yourself more knowledgeable about others you may meet (or already know, as it turned out I did), while still being all the more confident in yourself. Perhaps you'll try something new out. Maybe that experience will change your life; maybe it'll just be a fun story to tell at parties. And all this while making a commitment to mutual respect that makes the world a nicer, sexier place to live.
  • B. Golden "87chevy" - Great educational tool and fun!Since my daughter got this tablet she had not put it down! She uses it atleast once a day and loves it. She's 5 and has already added new vocabulary to her cannon and is craving more. She's also dropped it a couple of times on our tile floor and no damage as of yet (we do have a gel cover on it). Battery life lasts about two weeks from what I've seen which is pretty good.