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  • Jason M Antolik - Best phone I have ever had my hands on.(Copied from my review of the Cyan version)

    I've had the opportunity to spend time with almost every smartphone on the market. This is the best phone I have ever had in my hands. The build quality is superb and highly durable when compared to its peers. It fits very well in the palm of your hand thanks to its curvature. The screen is a gorgeous 720p display with deep blacks, vibrant colors, and a 60hz refresh rate that's buttery smooth.

    Nokia threw every feature in this beast they could think of. Optical Image Stabilization, which allows the phone to compensate for tiny movements and also makes it possible for this device to take low-light photos you will not believe. It has HAAC microphones for recording sound up to 140db. If you every have the desire to record at a concert, this phone will give you the best audio hands down. Wireless charging, super-sensitive screen that can be used with gloves, NFC... I think I hit them all, but I may have missed something.

    Seriously, unless the size is a deal-breaker, or if you need to have Pandora or Instagram RIGHT NOW, then I strongly advise you to check this handset out. Nokia's craftsmanship rivals that of Apple's.
  • Eric J. Spencley - Love it!***
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    I was looking for a cheap portable tablet to do some reading, netflix, and some internet browsing and this does them all perfectly! this is a must have gadget for all ages
  • Robert V. Rose "rovarose" - A most important biography!I just finished this excellent book and enjoyed it very much.

    I was born in 1938, so the era described is the era of my own parents and grandparents, making it particularly interesting for me.

    We've always heard of "silent Cal", but I hadn't known he actually was indeed known as a man of very few words.

    I had always thought that the "Laffer Curve" was first invented in the Reagan era, but apparently in Coolidge's day the concept that lower taxes could result in more federal income was known as "scientific taxation".

    The small details of the man's time, origins, personal life and politics form important addenda to our historical knowledge.

    In his day, the term "dyslexia" was virtually unknown. Teachers then made sure that school kids could write the alphabet letters automatically, and we hope that custom will soon return.