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  • Andrea Polk - Feature-rich solution, installed on Win 7 64-bit without issue, best version yet Length:: 3:50 Mins

    Quicken WillMaker Plus 2013 is the best version of this software to date. Easy to install and use, it's the most comprehensive, inexpsensive, do-it-yourself kit for all documents related to estate planning out there.

    The reasons I think it's so great?

    1. It has a 100% Satistfaction Money-Back Guarantee! Nothing to lose on this one.
    2. Works with Windows XP SP2, Vista, Win 7 AND Windows 8!
    3. Freebies include: e-box with registration "Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law'. Not necessary for anything you'll be doing, but nice.
    4. Book included called 'The Legal Answer Book for Families' is an easy to read, simple guide to general legal issues today including same-sex marriage, elder care, name changes and others.
    5. For the little bit of money you spend on this software, you save a ton in legal fees that you'd have to pay an attorney to do it for you.
    6. Minimual PC requirements mean that almost anyone; even those with older computers, can use this software to make documents.
    7. It's easy to quickly create home and family documents like Temporary Guardianship Authorizations, Pet Care Agreements, and Childcare Agreements.
    8. You can create a Bill of Sale, Promissory Notes and Limited Power of Attorney for Finances documents. Very handy!
    9. You can have several members of your family using it and it will install on multiple computers.
    10. Estate planning documents include: Legal Will (specific to your state), Health Care Directive, Durable Finacial Power of Attorney, Revocation Documents, Property Worksheet, Information for Caregivers and Survivors, Final Arrangements, General Notice of Death (for newspaper), Affidavit of Domicile, and Executor's Checklist. **Comprehensive and easy to use with lots of help available if you need it.
    11. Installs and asks to update immediately. Mine installed on Windows 7 PC wihtout a hitch, and was up-to-date when installed. Started filling in basic information and was making documents within the hour.
    12. The price is right!

    The software asks the right questions and provides you with legal documents at the right price! Plus you get a FREE Online Living Trust by signing up for a Nolo account online. (TIP: I would imagine you'll get some emails from them, so you might want to use a web-based email for correspondence to limit your spam from them.)

    Overall, great program and I highly recommend it to all!

    UPDATE: 11/24/12
    Regarding the issue some people are having with Windows 7 installations. I've been able to install this program on 3 PCs running Windows 7 (64-bit) without issue. Some things that may be triggering a problem for some include PC antivirus programs running in the background during installation, amount of PC system memory and 32-bit versus 64-bit Windows 7.

    If your PC is running less than 4GB of memory on a Windows 7 PC, it's going to struggle with anything but basic tasks - at least over time when you're asking it to do more with other things running. Consider a PC memory upgrade (usually pretty cheap to do) and you'll notice a considerable pick-up in all areas. This may also be an issue to consider if you're having trouble installing Willmaker or other software.

    Also make sure you turn off your antivirus and other security software during installation. Sometimes that can act as a blocker to a clean install. New software can be seen as an attack by an antivirus, antimalware or firewall.

    Finally, while both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit are compatible with this software, my own experience is that sometimes if I have a 32-bit OS and not quite enough memory to make the PC happy, I'll be unable to get certain programs to install.

    How do I know this? Trial and error. As an intermediate to advanced user who's built a few desktop PCs from scratch, I just know that if I'm the only one having issues with a compatible bit of software and an OS, it's usually something with my PC's hardware or other programs not being happy with the newly introduced one.

    Hope this helps you!
  • Carla D. Cooper - wonderful! Repeat customerI have been wearing this make-up line since Nov. 07 and won't switch to anything else. At one point I waited too long to purchase another foundation and in desperation I ran out to the local drug store and purchased "mineral" make-up. The quality of the store bought make-up can not compare to Bare Minerals, HANDS DOWN! The other cheaper stuff smelled heavily of talcum powder, and by far did not provide the coverage I was used to with Bare Minerals.
    I used to be self conscious about my makeup all day, checking on it several times a day and worried that it had smeared off on my shirt. This make-up is worry free. I put it on in the morning, and don't worry about it all day. Plus, I have never had trouble with it rubbing off on to something else or feeling heavy. I highly reccommend this makeup. I have oily skin, and it works great.
    One key to remember is to apply moisturizer prior to the make-up, and you're all set~!